SIDUS NFT Heroes – A Futuristic play to earn MMORPG

December 10 03:46 2021
SIDUS NFT Heroes - A Futuristic play to earn MMORPG
Sidus Heroes is a multiplayer game in a vast universe.
What is Sidus Heroes? A futuristic game to earn non-fungible tokens. Expect it to be the largest NFT game in 2022.

Sidus Heroes is the first MMORPG on the blockchain that uses the WebGL graphic engine and provides AAA-level quality graphics and gameplay. Players will be able to purchase, sell, and have earning opportunities throughout the game enabled by the blockchain’s play-to-earn mechanics. 

SIDUS Heroes starts as an NFT avatar collection and unfolds into a world of digital assets. Besides Galaxy Staking, heroes will have other ways to earn money, such as royalties from in-game features, an NFT wrapping feature, and a DAO metaverse. Players can also create their own worlds with the SIDUS Heroes lore.

Sidus Heroes is a multiplayer game in a vast universe. Players can enjoy the game and make money by advancing through the game, mining resources, selling their products and in-game items, mastering a profession etc plus forge friendships and partnerships during collaborative missions like colonising a planet. With this hybrid of education, work, and entertainment, each gamer has the opportunity to not only enjoy becoming engrossed in the game world but to earn real money as a result of playing the game. 

The goal of this project is to create a new type of gaming experience. The first blockchain-based AAA-level RPG game will be based on the blockchain and crypto philosophy. There will be an open world, with 12 different races that represent different blockchains.

Sidus Heroes is a cooperative multiplayer game where you can talk with other players to go on difficult missions. You can also buy NFTs of this game on OpenSea. Thousands of generative characters are created by NFT STARS and the international collective of modern artists, NFT256. The game has 4,000 Original NFT Heroes, 1,000 Rare Heroes, 500 Legendary Heroes, and 500 Partnership NFT Heroes available for players to choose from.

What are the unique selling points?

Battle Arena

Enter the battlefield to challenge your fellow players or rise through the ranks by creating fighting legions. Whether you’re looking for a fight or not, the Battle Arena is an important and thrilling event. It’s where players go head-to-head with one another or create fighting legions to battle their way to the top.

Explore the open universe

SIDUS HEROES features an in-depth and immersive metaverse. Players can travel to many adventures in the game and explore every aspect of space. This includes sending their spaceship off for a long journey and becoming pirates, plundering the world in their own way. The game starts at the central station, which is the only place in the game that is public domain. As players explore, they can also go to different planets, stations, solar systems, and complete tasks.

Levelling and character development

When Heroes are not busy performing tasks or waging war against other clans, they develop through missions, mastering professions, etc. To fight better, the player levels up the character’s characteristics and chooses the best weapons and clothes. Every Hero can be improved and acquire new talents and skills.

Become a builder

Heroes with a creative mind can take up jobs as builders and farmers, working to turn their tiny corner of the universe into a beautiful oasis in the midst of chaos. There are three types of land out there: neutral, disputed, and private. Neutral land cannot be acquired and belongs to no one. Disputed land is given as trophies for tournaments and belongs to whoever has it at the time. Private land can be sold to a player at a fixed price, auctioned off by the system, or purchased on the secondary market.

Become a politician

Players have the opportunity to engage with the political life within the game SIDUS. They can become a council member, represent their people, and take part in party activities. The game will even conduct honest, transparent elections that will influence the development of the game and the adoption of key decisions within its universe


On their journey through the Universe, Heroes will encounter various space creatures. If you find one you like, you can adopt it and raise it to be the most loyal companion who will defend you in combat and accompany you on your travels.

Every player can adopt a pet or acquire one in any of the missions. You can have several pets, but only one can be taken with you onto the battlefield.

Craft and trade

Looking for something specific but not sure where to find it? Can’t find that perfect gun or backpack?  SIDUS Marketplace is the place to be. It runs on the premise of transacting with other players. So if you’re short on tickets but have some valuable goods, you’re all set.

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