iNf4mation generates $1m in ‘retail’ pledges from recent Black Friday Sale

December 10 03:48 2021
iNf4mation has just announced some massive updates in their latest YouTube video message.

LONDON, UK and CHICAGO, USA – December 10, 2021 – Revolutionary technology hybrid NFT and DeFi platform iNf4mation is pleased to announce that it has recently generated a colossal ~$1,000,000 in retail pledges from its Black Friday Sale. Cory Warfield, the Global General Manager of the company, has recently shared the great news through a video message on YouTube. Much to the delight of the iNf4mation community, Mr. Warfield’s YouTube message is brimming with several other exciting announcements from the breakthrough technology platform. 

The YouTube video was launched on December 7, 2021. Link:

iNf4mation is a breakthrough technology hybrid NFT and DeFi platform dedicated to providing data privacy, compliance and control. The platform envisions leveraging the power of Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Finance to ensure users complete control based on the tokenized value of their data. iNf4mation deploys state-of-the-art data masking and encryption technology to safeguard data privacy and allows businesses to work compliantly with only the user-approved data. 

Added to the retail pledge, another major highlight of the video message is certainly the announcement of a North American VC commitment to iNf4mation. The American VC has not only committed funding to support the next-gen technology platform but has also assured to introduce iNf4mation to other active VCs.

We are delighted at the ~$1,000,000 in ‘retail’ pledges that our Black Friday Sale has attracted; we have a VC commitment and our Community First Approach has really resonated with over ~200,000 of our members. We are seeing over ~5,000 unique visitors to the website every day and have a reach on Facebook of over ~1,500,000 and over ~2,000,000 on Twitter,” stated Mr. Warfield.

iNf4mation has also announced about its upcoming Pre-Sale that will offer an 88% discount with a 20% bonus which opens on Friday, December 10, 2021, at 11:00 UTC. There will be a virtual queuing system to meet the already over-subscribed demand.

Speaking on, Mr. Warfield mentioned some more exciting updates on behalf of iNf4mation:

Due to increasing customer demand, iNf4mation has decided to bring forward part of its launch. Initially, iNf4mation had scheduled the initial launch for the 2nd half of 2022. But now, due to customer demand, the organization will bring forward a part of its launch to Q1-2022, starting with a working NFT marketplace and minting engine. 

Mr. Warfield also shared that iNf4mation will be the FIRST company to integrate this feature with the Salesforce platform, bringing to life its 2018 aspirations. As per the market predictions, the Salesforce economy is projected to create 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026 (IDC).

There would also be a major change in the iNf4mation infrastructure in the coming months. The technology hybrid NFT and DeFi platform was originally developed on Ethereum. But, given the exorbitant network fees charged today, the platform has announced a strategic migration to the BSC network.

When we designed iNf4mation back in 2018 we could not have envisaged that the network fees would be so prohibitively high as they are today. Thus, we have decided to take an early strategic decision to migrate to the BSC network which will greatly reduce these costs and provide speed and capability improvements.”

These crucial changes might cause some short-term delays to the iNf4mation token distribution that was originally scheduled to take place at the end of December. However, on a positive, it is not live yet so there will be no detriment to anyone other than a little time. iNf4mation is planning to re-distribute on the new chain early in Q1-2022, but essentially before the NFT marketplace launch.

iNf4mation is also thrilled to report that its new Telegram airdrop is live now with BCH cash prizes. The closing date is December 15, 2021.

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About iNf4mation: 

iNf4mation is a breakthrough NFT and DeFi based organization that allows its users to take back control of their personal and private data and monetize their data’s value. Their platform upholds an NFT and DeFi approach to data control and management that is hybrid, decentralized, and interoperable. iNf4mation offers the customer control over their data while making data regulatory compliant for businesses. To gain access to user data, businesses will have to subscribe to iNf4mation for access rights to declared customer data. iNf4mation operates through two primary components – the iNf4mation Unique Customer View (iUCV) and the iNf4 token. The iUCV enables customers to decide what personal data they want and don’t want to share with businesses. Additionally, the unique iNf4mation platform allows businesses to maintain data compliance by accessing only user-approved declared data. The iNf4 token is migrating from an ERC-20 utility token to the BSC network to improve speed and capability which will drive the whole iNf4mation platform. iNf4mation will be officially launching an NFT marketplace and minting engine in Q1-2022 and is currently in Pre-Sale mode.  

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