Locate Freelancers Connects Millions of Businesses with World-Class Expertise around the Globe

December 10 17:51 2021
Locate Freelancers Connects Millions of Businesses with World-Class Expertise around the Globe
Locate Freelancers offers a feature-rich web-based platform that is all set to revolutionize the way Businesses hire Freelancers.

SILICON VALLEY, CA, USA – In this rapidly evolving digital age, the way people live and work has changed dramatically, especially with easy and affordable access to broadband connectivity in most places across the world. This has given rise to a whole new so-called “gig economy” that is reshaping the future of work.

The pandemic has also given a significant boost to the freelancer economy by making work-from-home a new normal. This is expected to result in a surge in traffic on web-based platforms that connect businesses with the right talent. Silicon Valley based Locate Freelancers is well-positioned to play a significant role in meeting this growing demand.


Locate Freelancers is a brainchild of two sisters Ginette Blitzer and Jessica Barroso. Both of them are seasoned entrepreneurs. They wanted to use technology to simplify the way companies hire professionals without being limited by geographical boundaries. This would also help professionals offer their services to anyone in the world at an affordable fee. This led to the birth of the web-based platform called Locate Freelancers, gradually becoming the go-to platform for connecting businesses and freelancers.

“Our services are opening opportunities for startup businesses, companies, and freelancers to establish and surpass their capabilities using modern technology,” says Ginette Blitzer, Co-Founder at Locate Freelancers.

Locate Freelancers has created numerous opportunities for freelancers globally to monetize their knowledge and skills. It offers them a social platform to find more clients and help establish and expand their own freelance business.

For the Employers, Locate Freelancers provides a platform to find a wide selection of top professionals, including programmers, designers, authors, customer service representatives, and more.

“At Locate Freelancers, our vision is to provide employers access to the best global professionals which is not limited by international borders or tied to a specific geographic location,” says Ginette. “As more employers and freelancers embrace the Gig-based work culture, we saw this as a great opportunity to create an impact by creating a platform that will serve as a universal bridge between employers and freelancers.”

Locate Freelancers is committed to providing the best user experience by continuously investing in upgrading their platform based on emerging trends and user feedback.

About Locate Freelancers

Locate Freelancers is a leading web-based platform that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with world-class experts and freelancers across the globe.

For more information about Locate Freelancers and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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