Brown Paper Bags – How to Present Like a Pro This Christmas Season

December 10 19:30 2021

Dec 10, 2021 – As the holidays approach, Bagitan Packaging, the leading manufacturer and distributor of wholesale brown paper bags in China, wishes the public to impart knowledge on how to make products and gifts more presentable using the wide variety of options available when ordering custom made paper bags from manufacturers like them. They argue that the stigma of paper bags being plain and boring could easily be remedied when people explore more creative approaches to packaging their goods.

But First, Why Pick Paper Bags?

The common argument in the debate about the pros and cons of paper vs plastic when it comes to packaging material is that paper bags are less durable than plastic, and will easily break apart if their contents are heavy or sharp enough to create creases and tears on the material. This could not be farther from the truth! Kraft paper bags that are made thick enough could handle weights even exceeding the capacity of a plastic bag of the same price. Paper bag manufacturers are always finding ways to make their paper bags stronger without having to make them more expensive to ensure they have a firm competition. Some paper bags also come with special materials that make them more resistant to their common weaknesses like water and grease; more on that later. And most importantly, paper bags can decompose within months when disposed of, which prevents them from ending up harming marine wildlife or in landfills for a very long period of time.

Design Suggestions for Paper Bags

Below are some design options that are usually available whenever one purchases kraft bags wholesale from manufacturers. Note that every manufacturer has a unique way of producing their paper bags. It is important to inquire about it so as to keep expectations and costs at a reasonable level.

1. Handles

If a paper bag keeps its contents safe, the handle keeps the bag itself in order. Without handles, the paper bags are much harder to carry en masse, and will often lead to the paper crumpling when held at the top. This is more forgivable with disposable packaging, but not with bags that will be reused. It is also highly recommended to pick a handle that complements the content. For example, rope handle bags are perfect for wine bottles because it gives them a sleek and elegant look. Furthermore, paper bags with rope handles are known to be able to hold a lot of weight without getting deformed.

2. Custom printing

Putting printed designs is also a good way to make paper bags stand out. Major brands have been using this strategy since they switched to paper bags, that’s how effective they can be. That’s because these printed designs usually contain the logo of the brand they are from, which will make the bag advertising material an added bonus. It turns plain old paper bags into artistic statements which will compete with other brands for attention.

3. Paper Material Variants

Wax paper bags make a good example of paper bags made with a slightly different material that reinforces their resistance to different substances. In their case, wax paper is very moisture resistant, and it doesn’t allow materials to stick to it easily. This makes this type of paper best for baked goods and other foodstuffs. It is important to consider different variants of conventional kraft paper when designing paper bags. A good design that puts practicality before visual appeal (but not abandoning it altogether) will surely be appreciated by customers.

4. Other Modifications

There are also a number of miscellaneous modifications that entrepreneurs might be interested in. Kraft paper bags with transparent windows, for example, are quite popular in the food packaging industry as well because they let the product itself leave a good impression on onlookers. Alongside window packaging, paper bags that have been coated with a water-resistant glossy finish are also available. These can make gift bags more appealing, and add a much-needed cosmetic upgrade to otherwise monotonous designs.

5. Personalized Designs

Paper bags designs are not exclusive to commercial use. Anybody can make their own unique designs for their paper bags. That’s what comes with having paper as the main material for carrying bags. Unlike their plastic counterparts, paper bags (especially carton bags) hold their shape fairly well and can be scribbled on with something as simple as a marker. Having handmade decorations on gift wrapping will make the receiver feel the thought and effort that went into the present.

Closing Statement…

Most people gloss over the versatility of paper bags when it comes to design. For business owners, it comes as a detriment, because it means not keeping up with the competition. Packaging is always important, that’s why companies put a lot of funding into research to see what works and what doesn’t whenever they order kraft paper bags wholesale. In a very competitive global market brought forth by the internet, any edge that an entrepreneur gets is always welcome. Especially now that the Christmas season is just around the corner – one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year – having the means to get that edge could make all the difference. As for people just looking to find the best ways they can make their paper bag packaging prettier, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and the right combination of the design options listed above.

Bagitan Packaging is a well-established brown paper bags supplier and manufacturer. The trustworthiness of this company can easily be seen with its long list of satisfied and distinguished clients over the years. They are even well known as an air sickness bag manufacturer, which goes to show how flexible they can be. When looking for quality paper bags made in China, they are truly the top choice.

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