Taizhou Launches Global Promotion Event of the “Tai-style” Romantic Life of Taizhou

December 10 21:51 2021

Taizhou, which means “Guotai Min’an” — a contented people living in a country at peace — in Chinese, is a historic and cultural city in China with a history that dates back more than 2,100 years, containing the charm of Wu, Chu, and Yue, and the atmosphere of Jianghuaihai.Historically, the weather has been smooth, stable, and peaceful in this land of prosperity and prosperity for thousands of years. It has a large population of talented people, among which Shi Nai’an, Zheng Banqiao, and Mei Lanfang are outstanding representatives. Many historical sites can be found in the city such as the Guangxiao Temple, Chongru Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Anding Academy, Rishe Garden, Wanghailou and Meilanfang Memorial Halls, People’s Navy Birthplace Memorial Hall, Qin Lake Wetland, Thousand Island Cauliflower, Water Forest, Tiande Lake Park, Ancient Ginkgo Forest, and other ecological properties, beautiful landscapes. Taizhou is a city in central Jiangsu, on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, one of the major cities of the Yangtze River Delta. It is the intersection of the five waterways from Central Jiangsu to the Yangtze River and Dahai. It is also on the coast and the “T” industrial belt of the Yangtze River.


Taiwan’s cultural and entertainment activities are interesting, and festival activities are also exciting. There are mainly 4 types of speaking, singing, dancing, and skills. They are commonly either elegant and beautiful, or vigorous and simple, or lively and smart, or witty and humorous, reflecting Taizhou people’s good wishes for life, love, freedom, and happiness, and honor and worship of heroes.

In response to the needs of youth groups, the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee’s Internet Information Office emphasize “the power of faith”, take advantage of modern network communication, integrate Taizhou local cultural elements, adapt and make an original rap music video, visually portray Taizhou’s culture, urban spirit, economic development in the form of original rap songs, to incorporate patriotism and love for hometown into trend-leading fashion elements and create an online communications boutique from the perspective of young people based on the characteristics of Taizhou.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-Bts1cr1-s

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