How businessman Michael Sloggett dealt with failure and picked himself back up

December 10 22:00 2021
From being in the military to working at a boarding school, top businessman and educator Michael Sloggett shares the lessons he learned, how he handled failure and got back on his feet.

Failure may have multiple stages and things to overcome that can feel almost completely impossible, but Michael Sloggett, a prominent businessman, is a living example of how one can pick up the pieces after a horrible letdown. 

Coming from humble beginnings to being in the military to working at a boarding school, Michael became a sales consultant and then went on and owned chains of supplement stores afterward, before riding the crest of a wave as a prominent person in a global industry.  

“Within that time, I built a lot of businesses. My nutrition company ended up being a multi-million-dollar company. I got out of the nutrition business, and I no longer had a desire to work in retail. I then went on to build a big education company,” Michael shared in an interview.

As a top networker and educator, Michael has been to 63 countries and spoke on stage in front of tens of thousands of people. 

He has helped thousands worldwide, been at the forefront of some considerable success and the tail-end of some epic failures that he has always owned, and been open about the good and bad. 

“When I thought I was at my peak – doing the best I’ve ever done – I got myself into a bit of trouble, trusted the wrong people, made some choices, and ended up having to go through some stuff that I’m currently now going through,” he says.

From making millions creating huge companies, Michael has lost everything and got it all back more than once. However, during the process, he got involved in deceitful activities and ended up battling depression along the way. 

“I lost everything and everyone that I thought I loved and worked so hard for removed from my life. I’ve lost some people that I really loved and the connection with some people that I spent years developing and working with,” he shared.  

During his battle with mental health issues, he realized how the experience humbled him and made him see life from a broader perspective. 

“If there is a God, I think He’s loading me up to get me to a place where I can propel myself to reach heights that I’ve never reached before,” he said.

Now, Michael is out to get his feet back on the ground as he gets into the best mental place and physical condition he has ever been.  

“Now, I’m in a place where I’ve been completely humbled. I learned a lot about people, about myself, and done the things that I needed to start doing a lot better.  

Despite plenty of more fresh challenges on the horizon, Michael Sloggett is keen on redeeming himself and making careful steps forward. Michael has proven time and time again that if anyone can come back from anything, it’s him. 

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