Energy Savings Linked to Solar Panels Brisbane Customers

December 13 07:00 2021
The founder of Trusted Solar established the firm in response to his attempts to install solar systems in his premises. The number of Australian households that rely on solar energy has now topped one in four.

Trusted Solar and Carl Creasey are pleased to announce the growth of the number of Australian households that have made the transition to partial or full solar energy for homes and businesses. Trusted Solar was established to share information about solar energy and help other people save time and money on their own solar journey. The team of experienced solar power specialists and experts in solar panels Brisbane can help to find the right solar solution. Trusted Solar provides businesses, homeowners, and commercial establishments with energy-saving systems.

One of the helpful features of the website is a tool that helps to calculate personalised results. The thirty-second survey reports that most homeowners save in the range of 65 to 85 percent of energy costs. Trusted Solar can assess the homeowner’s qualification for government rebates and calculate savings with solar by completing the survey. The results of the survey are immediately available. An analyst will review the results and call to set up a free no-obligation discussion about solar options.

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More than 2.7 million homes in Australia are now using solar power for part or all of their energy requirements. In 2020 nearly 400K structures had rooftop solar installed. Over 27 percent of Australian homes have solar installation. The estimated savings in power bills from the 2020 installations are more than $7.4 billion. Nearly every home will save substantial amounts of money with the switch to solar power; some see these savings immediately upon installation.

Solar power saves money for individual homeowners because solar power generated means less electricity purchased from the local supplier. If the homeowner ends up with a surplus, it can be stored in a solar battery or fed into the local grid, which earns an energy credit on the account. This practice results in a zero-dollar power bill for many homeowners.

About the Company:

Trusted Solar is a local business that provides information and education about the advantages and disadvantages of using solar installations. The discussion about solar installation is highly personalised and is estimated for the specific client. As more Australians transition to solar energy, it is financially beneficial and good for the planet.

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