Author Sayumire’s romance novel “Omnia Vincit Amor: A Leap of Faith” explores the power of friendship and taking chances

December 13 08:00 2021
The book, which marks Sayumire’s debut in the publishing scene, examines whether a long-held secret would break the bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and romance.

Author Sayumire takes readers to an important life adventure in her debut novel, “Omnia Vincit Amor: A Leap of Faith,” a romance novel that explores the power of friendship and urges readers to take chances. 

The story revolves around a shy, introverted young man named Adelrich, who is instantly taken by the beauty and charms of a mysterious young woman walking barefooted down the mountains of Tsuwano.

Adelrich is shielded from getting close after discovering that the mysterious beauty is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who is the client and an old friend of his father. 

The plot then takes a dive into whether old memories will resurface to the forefront or shy away into the abyss and whether a vow will manifest into truth or be forgotten for eternity.

A lingering question that would take readers into an exhilarating journey is brought to the fore: “Will a long-held secret break the bonds of friendship, brotherhood, romance, and livelihood?”

“The story explores the power of friendship through enhancing family ties, personal growth, and coming-of-age, which brings out the emotional changes within the characters of the story,” says Sayumire.

Sayumire has urged readers to take risks and go along with life’s great adventures.

“Life itself is adventurous and exciting, making it important for us to take our chances and go along with its biggest challenges with an open mind and heart,” adds Sayumire.

Sayumire is an adventurous risk-taker with the prospect of having fun with making new and old discoveries from all walks of life. 

She loves video games, hiking, traveling, sports, cooking, and being healthy with a side of a sweet tooth and hours of non-stop anime. 

Sayumire lives in the United States with annoying monkey friends who drive her infuriatingly insane.

“Omnia Vincit Amor: A Leap of Faith” marks Sayumire’s debut in the publishing scene. The book aims to lead readers to travel to various places and highlights important life lessons readers often learn the hard way.

“Taking a risk to get to a goal requires bravery to face the fear of uncertainty. The book passionately examines that theme and highlights being true to ourselves in the course of our actions,” says Sayumire.

The book is now available in leading digital stores globally. Those interested in getting a copy of “Omnia Vincit Amor: A Leap of Faith” can purchase it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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