Author Joseph Traver guides people to find the narrow path to eternal life in his book, “I’m Just A Fork-Lift Operator. After All, What Do I Know?”

December 13 08:15 2021
In his book, author Joseph Traver lends a hand in helping individuals find the narrow path to eternal life – something that requires effort and searching to find.

Author Joseph Traver has brought an inspiring guide that aims to help individuals follow God’s path in his book, “I’m Just A Fork-Lift Operator. After All, What Do I Know?.”

In the book, Joe delves into one of the key teachings in the Bible, Matthew Chapter 7 verse 14, which reads, “For the gate is narrow, and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”

“The Son of God, Jesus Christ, spoke about the way to eternal life (heaven) as being one of great difficulty. In other words, Jesus was saying that if someone wants eternal life, it won’t be easy, and there must be searching and uncovering in finding the way,” writes Joe. 

In the book, God uses the life and words of an ordinary man’s changed life as a compass in helping people find the narrow path to eternal life.

Author Joe Traver was born into a family of blue-collar workers. Joe is the youngest of four children and was also the third member of the Traver men to serve as a union steward in one of the greatest unions of all time, the teamsters union. 

Joe’s father and brother served as union stewards before him. Their persistence, determination, and integrity as leaders ultimately led the way in molding Joe’s character as an elected official in upholding the integrity of those who elected him to represent them and their families. 

Joe said the one quality that he must constantly strive to perfect was the integrity of living his life by the truth. As he looked over his life, he realized that God took those qualities instilled into him by his father and brother, and God used them to help mold and shape him as a representative of His kingdom. 

The result of God’s molding and shaping his life into something He could use for His glory and honor is seen in the book’s pages. 

“The church of Jesus Christ is under severe attack by the forces of evil, and God is calling those whom He has chosen to battle against the evil forces that have penetrated the walls (hearts) of those few who can find the right path/way will ever enter the narrow gate that leads to eternal life (Matthew 7:14),” writes Joe. 

Joe expressed sincere hope and prayer that the book will assist individuals as they search for the truth in finding the narrow path that leads to life. 

Those who want to grab a copy of I’m Just A Fork-Lift Operator. After All, What Do I Know?” can purchase it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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