Author Donna Chasny brings a riveting, must-read fictional tale in “Carlton: Downsized”

December 13 13:06 2021
Acclaimed author Donna Chasny explores themes of memory and identity “Carlton: Downsized,” an exceptional book for readers who enjoy action, drama, and fiction.

Author Donna Chasny, who writes under the penname Tawnee Chasny, explores the story of a man who awakens after a shocking event with no recollection of who he is or what occurred to him in the top-rated book, “Carlton: Downsized.”

The story revolves around Carlton, who, after more than a decade with a firm that a bigger company has acquired, gets laid off from his job. The business has termed it “downsizing,” as if that makes the circumstances any different.  

The firm has provided Carlton a pitiful bonus towards retirement and had dropped any penalties for early withdrawal of his 401K savings plan. Carlton proceeds to sell all that he has, gets on his Hond1 750 with things stuffed into his camping gear, and drives off towards Washington, where he wants to visit his family and see what life is yet to offer. 

The journey was amusing for Carlton as he was able to stop in locations he wanted to and appreciate the stunning western coast. He had sojourned in public camping locations and slept under the stars. During his journey, Carlton thought about stopping for a sandwich and getting some beers before staying in for the night. This is the point where his life does an entire turn-around. 

Inside the bar, Carlton meets four men who had recently escaped from a maximum-security prison. The guys had robbed a store, taken some cash as well as the owner’s granddaughter. The head of the criminals has done many unspeakable things, including rape, some robberies, as well as experimental drugs in the store. 

The dangerous criminals then provide Carlton with pieces of mystical advice as an intervention to his present life struggles. He is trapped in a series of hallucinations and struggles with a lack of memory afterward. As the conundrum continues to unfold, the leader of the guys is out to find out if Carlton is alive or dead. 

Prior to her retirement, author Donna Chasny has been a skills instructor at an aerospace firm. The Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California, trained her to train and certify assemblers, planners, and inspectors to reference and utilize top-level and high-reliability systems established by military specifications to build electronic assemblies employed in military applications.  

Donna Chasny has written two top-rated books under her name, Carlton: Down Sized and Ting!: The Silent Warning. While her time on earth has passed, the author’s loving memory, influence, and character remain to live on through her life partner and stories.

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