GTP Global Digital Trade Universal Credit is about to release the ecological first Gamefi

December 13 15:33 2021


Recently, the Global Digital Trade General Points GTP team announced that the foundation is laying out the Gamefi track and developing chain games for the GTP ecology through independent research and development and close cooperation with famous game developers at home and abroad. The latest chain tour will be released in Q4 2021, which will greatly promote the long-term development of GTP ecology.


GTP (UniversalpointsforGlobalDigitalTrade) global digital trade universal points, aims to apply blockchain technology in the construction of the Eurasian digital economy trade system, build a citation system with sufficient credible identification, and create a digital points circulation application service platform. Relying on the cross-border trade ecosystem with borderless application circulation of data assets, trustworthiness and traceability, it allows every participating subject to share resources and values, and leads a new era of digital economy-driven development of real industries with innovative thinking. Therefore, Eurasian Digital Trade Development Foundation will fully unite with China Chain Wanjie Cross-border Mall to carry out the global brand promotion of GTP, so that it can comprehensively and effectively solve the development bottleneck of the circulation of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises’ commodities and assets in the Eurasian green trade system.

GTP (UniversalpointsforGlobalDigitalTrade) is initiated by the Eurasian Digital Trade Development Foundation, which is a joint venture of the Russian Pearl Service Company, the Russian-Chinese Association for the Development of Belt and Road Strategy, and the Russian-Chinese Institute of Blockchain Innovation and Technology, with policy support and technical support. It is an investment management and consultancy institution aiming to solve the problems of Eurasian digital trade ecosystem through technology, and to build a cross-border trade ecosystem with borderless application circulation of data assets, trustworthiness and traceability through trust, so that every participating body can share resources and value, and lead a new era of digital economy-driven real economy development with innovative thinking. The core business includes blockchain infrastructure investment, recreation fund, agriculture and forestry resources industry investment, environmental and ecological enterprise services, structured finance, asset management and special investment, and the scale of managing blockchain industry guidance fund is over 50 billion rubles.

The GTP team consists of developers with reputable and successful project experience in the industry, and senior operators and experts who have been immersed in the target industry for many years. With the development of GTP and the increase of application market share, the Foundation will be open to absorb talents who are willing to contribute to the community.

Since 2014, the impact of blockchain has spread to the broad financial sector, with numerous applications in clearing and settlement, cross-border payments, asset registration, etc. GTP leverages the support of the Eurasian Digital Trade Development Foundation to leverage the value of GTP passes in many cross-border trade payments and transfers, and the GTP project team has also developed an online marketplace, the The GTP project team has also developed an online shopping mall – GTPAPP, which provides an e-commerce platform for online shopping for the entire GTP community, fully demonstrating the ecological application value of GTP Passes to the community users.

GTPex, the decentralized exchange of the GTP ecosystem, will also be operational, and the GTP network itself supports decentralized exchange functionality. A decentralized exchange consists of multiple pairs of transactions. A pair (denoted as “exchange”) is a marketplace for trading between GTP-30 tokens or between GTP tokens and BIDs. Any account can create a transaction pair between any tokens, even if the same transaction pair already exists on the GTP network. the GTP network specifies that all transaction pairs have equal weights for both tokens, so they are equally weighted. This will not only provide great ease of movement for the financial ecosystem applications of GTP, but will also provide a new boost to the crypto world.

In the second half of 2019, Mary Ma, Chief Strategy Officer of MixMarvel, first proposed GameFi, or Game Finance, in her speech at the Wuzhen Summit at that time. In simple terms, GameFi refers to presenting decentralized financial products as a game, gamifying the rules of DeFi, and NFTing game prop derivatives. A most notable feature is that the user’s assets become equipment or tools in the DeFi game, and in turn, the user can earn revenue or rewards during participation in the game.

Gamefi is currently already a powerful force leading the crypto world to the world, and the layout of the gaming ecosystem by the GTP project team has brought great encouragement to the community users, all the community members are waiting for the first Gamefi in GTP to go live, because all the GTP community users will be the biggest beneficiaries.

GTP is not a simple gaming platform, but a Gamfi, Defi, NFT as one meta-universe world. For this reason, the technical team will not only access thousands of game Dapps, but will also vigorously carry out “space-time competition” theme activities to stimulate developers to create unique and rich GTP experience scenarios. In addition, users can Staking the game rewards obtained in the GTP world to earn additional storage rewards with the support of the underlying technology of the new infrastructure of data storage.

In addition to the official themed games and storage applications, GTP also provides open source code for global developers to access the GTP World with other excellent game/application platform providers to improve the GTP ecosystem.

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