New book offers a blueprint on living healthy for the coming New Year

December 13 21:06 2021
“Going Keto” by J.T. Lennox is an expert’s guide on how to adopt and practice the ketogenic lifestyle

Bay Shore, New York – December 13, 2021 – If you asked just about everyone to list their top New Year resolutions, “healthy living” is sure to be on or near the top. Medical and fitness experts are increasingly counting on the “Keto” diet and lifestyle as a means of achieving optimum health and fitness today. In that light, a new book, “Going Keto” has been released with the mission to educate readers about the many benefits of practicing a ketogenic lifestyle. 

“Going Keto” is written by J.T. Lennox. It is an audiobook with a Kindle version; available wherever e-books and audibles are sold including Amazon and iTunes. Mark Armstrong is the narrator of the audio version of the book. 

In an exclusive interview, the author shared that Going Keto offers an easy guide for beginners. Lennox noted that it is packed with Keto essentials, and that the book is suitable for anybody who aspires to live a healthy lifestyle by following convenient steps.  The book will cater to those at the beginning as well as the intermediate stage of adopting a Ketogenic diet. 

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To quote the author, “Today’s modern lifestyle has brought a radical shift towards convenience in terms of how we get our food.  This convenience compromises food quality. Lots of processed foods are eaten as a result of this convenience and exposes us to unhealthy life conditions and illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and more. Our bodies are struggling to process the glutens that we are consuming these days, and many unwelcomed health issues result. Yes, the modern foods we consume are creating a bunch of illnesses. If healthy living is your New Year’s resolution or plan, you need to rethink your diet options. This is why ‘Going Keto’ is an excellent point of embarkation stated J.T. Lennox. 

Per the author, “the primitive hunting-gathering lifestyle of our fore parents was much healthier than the convenience of the 21st century.” He stressed that primitive humans followed a balanced diet and lifestyle that ensured good health and fitness, with none of the serious health issues the world is suffering from today. The basic Keto diet is inspired by the eating balance of yesteryear and is beneficial in helping people today attain better health, free of obesity, diabetes, and heart illnesses. “Going Keto” aims to be a bible for living healthier in the 21st century.  

“My new book has been written to serve as a blueprint on the Keto diet for both women and men, regardless of their age. Many, many testimonials have credited the Keto diet with being beneficial in dealing with all kinds of serious health issues such as obesity and epilepsy. Going Keto will be your guide to attain a healthier living now; the life you have always wished for. You can really make the rest of your life your best life.”

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