Local Tattoo Artists Band Together During Lockdown and DIY Renovations on New Studio

December 13 22:06 2021

While the world’s in lockdown, somewhere in the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, two passionate artists banded together to remodel a tattoo studio that offers tailored designs, tattoo removal services and more. 

With a combined experience of more than a decade, Ecdysis Studio’s David Strod and Laura Young — who were both unable to work when the pandemic hit — DIYed their way to building a tattoo studio where clients can freely express themselves and get their inner person and outer image aligned.

Tattooing to Express Your True Self

Ecdysis’ name refers to the process of shedding the old and emerging anew.

Designed to be a space that embodies this very process, the Ecdysis Studio offers a wide array of tattoo services that will help you transform into someone who you hope to become. While Dave specialises in bold opaque and illustrative realism tattoos, Laura’s expertise is in imprinting floral, animal, and storytelling designs on the client’s skin. 

Both keen on details and committed to delivering a tattoo job that leaves customers satisfied, these tattoo artists want to be instrumental in transforming people’s lives through this unique form of expression. 

Whether you want to have your scar covered or your old tattoo removed; whether it’s your first time getting tattooed, or you’re exploring new tattoo designs — they have the expertise and passion to take care of your request. 

They also offer thorough guidance and the necessary recommendations before you get tattooed. For instance, if you’re requesting a scar cover-up, they’d ask first how old your scar is and make sure techniques used are according to type of scarring. If you’re asking to get face, foot, or finger tattoos, they will properly discuss with you all possible drawbacks (e.g. tattoos on such areas are prone to specific healing patterns which may vary). 

However, whatever your tattoo request is, they guarantee to deliver a professional job tailored for your goals. 

Things to Know Before You Get Tattooed

Do you want to add new portrait tattoos? Are you trying the micro tattoo that many ladies are raving about? As the holiday season is here, you might consider having a tattoo to get a head start on your next year’s resolution. 

No matter what your intent is, it’s important to know that you have to do your part to ensure that you’re thoroughly prepared for your upcoming tattoo studio visit. Ecdysis recommends that you should be well-rested and well-hydrated (avoid drinking alcohol before your appointment). It’s also important to eat healthily before your session. 

While practicing good hygiene is a must, you also have to pay attention to what you wear. They advise wearing something loose-fitting and dark-coloured. 

Get Tattooed at Ecdysis

Providing you with a safe and unintimidating space where you can express your true self, Ecdysis offers tattoo removal services. Based in Leith, Edinburgh, they can take on a variety of requests from clients and deliver a consistently top-tier output that satisfies personal preferences.

To ensure the best possible outcome, the tattoo studio only accepts clients by appointment. You may reach out to them by filling out their contact form here: https://ecdysisstudio.com/contact-me.

You may also email their artists directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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