DataToBiz: Harnessing the Power of Data in Enterprise Decision Making

December 13 23:15 2021
With the right use of data assets that every company owns, the unprecedented horizons for their growth and business diversification can be unlocked.

Becoming “data-driven” has been a commonly clear objective for many firms over the past decade. In fact, according to Forrester Research, the main drivers for the fourth industrial revolution depend very much on data and analytics. Whether their bigger goal is to achieve digital transformation, better analytics, or becoming AI-first, it is essential to embrace and successfully manage data in all its forms. DataToBiz is enabling over 400 of the world’s top digital brands to accelerate the business through data-driven strategies that help them make better decisions and faster course corrections.

How DataToBiz is helping organizations use data effectively

Marketing and Customer Analytics

Last year, a marketing agency started making investments in AI and data to get a better handle on managing marketing budgets. With DataToBiz’s data analytics and predictive capabilities, the company cut marketing spending by 20% without affecting the revenue.Democratizing access to data analytics puts marketing team leaders in the driver’s seat to access the insights they need for any specific initiative. DataToBiz can bring marketing data together to get unprecedented insight into media spending, social media, website performance, customer journeys, and beyond. Powerful and intuitive analytics can answer the most curious marketer’s questions and create a data culture in Marketing.

Operations and Supply chain

Big supply chain analytics uses data and quantitative methods to develop insights that help enhance supply chain decision-making. From improving front-line operations to strategic choices, such as selecting the suitable supply chain operating models, leaders use analytics data to reduce cost and optimize resource utilization.

Sales and forecasting

Traditional sales rely on nuance and intuition. But by harnessing the power of data, DataToBiz can help sales leaders change how they use their time with increased sales forecasting accuracy. Companies can spot potential issues or risks and design corrective action to mitigate them. The more accurate the sales forecast, the better-prepared company will be to manage its inventory, financial planning, and gain marketing benefits. With the help of advanced predictive analytics and machine learning, DataToBiz helped a retail organization in less than 3 months increase their revenues by 14% by predicting the sales patterns and accordingly aligning the inventory. 

Undoubtedly, data has become the fuel for competitive advantage in the 21st century. Creating value by turning data into actionable insights will be critical for accelerated growth. To help companies succeed, DataToBiz focuses on three key levers: enhance trust in data, generate business value from the data and provide accurate information at the right time to help increase actionability and effective decision making. There is no better time than now to step forward to utilizing big data for intelligent decision-making across crucial business drivers.

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