New novel “The Mountains We Carry” by Zaid Brifkani is released, a thrilling, often heartbreaking story of a Kurdish family fleeing persecution in Iraq

December 13 19:58 2021
New novel "The Mountains We Carry" by Zaid Brifkani is released, a thrilling, often heartbreaking story of a Kurdish family fleeing persecution in Iraq

“The Mountains We Carry” by Zaid Brifkani has been released worldwide. This 484-page novel follows the painful and transformative journey of Azad and Juwan, a young couple longing to start a family and know peace. 

After Azad’s father’s execution and facing the looming genocide being waged against the Kurdish people, Azad is pursuing his education in the city while his fiancé and family remain in their village to the north. When the military attacks begin, he must flee from the violence bearing down on the city and finds himself separated from Juwan and the rest of his loved ones. Driven by love, Azad must find the strength to reunite with his family. 

The story is both brutal and hopeful, bringing readers into the tragic and horrifying realities of war, but also reminding them of the power of love – and the amazing, courageous things people can do for those they care about.  

The larger themes of the novel drive home the point that wars have no winners. Brifkani shows that human beings are capable of hope, resilience, and kindness in the face of tragedy and seemingly insurmountable cruelty. The author also shines a much-needed light on the struggles of the Kurdish people, as well as the culture of peace, education, and dedication to life-building they have been able to maintain despite years of persecution and tragedy.

The Mountains We Carry (ISBN: 9798487001535)can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $19.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

Azad’s father was brutally executed by the Iraqi army. Since then, Azad has moved to the city of Duhok to pursue his education. In doing so he hopes to provide a new life for his family and his fiancée, Juwan, who are back in their home village. But as the Iran-Iraq War comes to an end, the Iraqi government launches the genocidal Anfal campaign against the Kurds. Fleeing separately across physical and emotional borders, Azad and Juwan find themselves in the crosshairs of the Iraqi army. However, the most dangerous threat is the one they least expect.

About the author:

Zaid Brifkani was sixteen when his family migrated from Iraq and settled in Nashville, home to the largest Kurdish population in North America. He grew up during tremulous times of political unrest and war, and while building a life as an American citizen, he has maintained his connection to the heritage, culture, and memories back home. He is a physician and practices as a transplant nephrologist in Tennessee with great passion for serving rural America. He makes regular trips back home and donates his time to medical and community organizations.

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