Release Stress-Related Muscle Tension with the Qyro Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

December 14 15:12 2021
With the Qyro Progressive Muscle Relaxation training, busy business professionals can experience full-body relaxation and develop a new sense of wellbeing.

Long work hours, excessive amounts of work, and lack of rest often cause stress and anxiety among people. When encountering a stressful situation, the body usually responds by contracting the muscles, which leads to muscle tension. Despite being a common and obvious physical symptom of stress and anxiety, muscle tension – especially if it’s chronic – can be very harmful to the body if left untreated.

Fortunately, Qyro offers a full-body relaxation technique that can help people feel less tension in their muscles throughout their body. Known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, this mind-body relaxation technique is scientifically proven to increase people’s awareness of the sensations associated with tension in the body and helps tremendously in reducing stress and anxiety.

Designed for business professionals who are too busy to relax, the Qyro Progressive Muscle Relaxation training is on-demand, fast, easy to learn, very efficient, and perfect for a busy schedule. Through this foundational training, participants are expected to achieve deep full-body relaxation using the muscles and develop a new sense of wellbeing within a short period of time.

Apart from Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Qyro also offers other online relaxation and mindfulness trainings approved by certified practitioners and psychologists. More information about Qyro can be found at

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