Model and Music artist Kendall Hall aka KenGeta Is Releasing Her First Single “Love Takeover”

December 14 17:42 2021
Model and Music artist Kendall Hall aka KenGeta Is Releasing Her First Single "Love Takeover"
Love Takeover Cover Art (KenGeta 2021)
Kendall Hall, also known as ‘KenGeta’, is launching a brave new single, which also happens to be her very first musical release!

KenGeta (Kendall Tiffany Hall), is releasing her very first single titled “Love Takeover”, which will showcase her musical prowess, and her artistic creativity that goes beyond her typical mediums. KenGeta has appeared on Vogue Runway multiple times (as Kendall Hall), and was also a lead dancer in the video for ‘Single Again’ by Big Sean! KenGeta has recently appeared on various commercials as well, such as ORS olive oil, and Auntie Jackie’s Curlfriends. Kendall has spanned the spectrum of interesting creative projects, from commercials to film; but now something very special is happening, a brand new ‘lovely’ single called:

‘Love Takeover’, by KenGeta.

KenGeta has been working on her music for the last few years, while developing her craft, and her own unique style. One may associate Kendall with her modeling career, or with her acting career, yet there’s far more to her than just those projects. KenGeta is Kendall in her raw creativity-driven mode. While many of the projects Kendall has worked on are collaborations, Love Takeover and the KenGeta identity are her 100% original creations, where every creative choice has been made by her. KenGeta is the artistic magnificence and expression completely authored by the raw and untethered emotion Kendall has always had within her.

The message is one of positivity, and KenGeta will be releasing more tracks within the coming months! The story behind the moniker? It’s a combination of her name and a very well-known anime character.

Be sure to listen to KenGeta’s new project, and keep an eye out for further news about who KenGeta is, and what she is doing!

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