New service Lets Schedule Emails To Be Sent At a Later Time – Regardless Of What Happens To Email Account.

December 15 18:00 2021
New service Lets Schedule Emails To Be Sent At a Later Time - Regardless Of What Happens To Email Account.

The world runs on email, and many times there is a need to email someone in the future on a topic. Sadly, life gets in the way, and that email does not get sent.

Welcome to Thorload, an automated email scheduling system that works independently from current email clients.

Thorload allows users to write full emails and store them in a secure location on an icelandic server to be sent at a later time. The system is perfect for anyone who wants to send an email to themselves or their loved ones at a later date about an important milestone or a personalized diary for the deepest of thoughts. Either way, Thorload has the solution many need.

Thorload sends all scheduled emails regardless of what happens with the original email account. This way even if there is an interruption in Internet service, or a situation where email could be compromised, Thorload is there to make sure those emails arrive in the correct inbox.

Is there sensitive information that needs to go out with a chance of it being compromised? Thorload will make sure those emails will still send – even in the email account is closed.

Thorload can work well enough into the future for anyone. Even in the case of passing, Thorload can still send emails to friends and families as a last gesture of goodbye.

Thorload uses servers outside the European Union and outside the reach of USA. The solution provider chose Iceland because of its Modern Media Initiative, that provides very strong protection of privacy. The solution uses state of the art encryption and does not use any Google or Facebook services. What happens on Thorload, stays on Thorload – until the sender wants it to be sent, changed or deleted – Thorload gives power to the people.

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