BOOX Note Air2 E Ink Tablet: An Ideal Christmas Gift 2021

December 15 23:09 2021

BOOX Note Air2 E Ink Tablet: An Ideal Christmas Gift 2021

Christmas is around the corner with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming in the next two weeks. So finding Christmas gifts for loved ones becomes a to-do list this November. And Onyx BOOX’s new 10.3’’ E Ink tablet Note Air2 can serve as an ideal gift for this Christmas. It’s available now at BOOX Shop with a free set of accessories.

For Both Right-Handers and Left-Handers

The most outstanding features of Note Air2 are its design and gravity sensor.

The asymmetric design features a wider bezel on one side and three equally-wide bezels on the other sides. The benefit of this feature is it enables users to hold the device firmly with one hand and the thumb can be placed comfortably on the wide bezel.

Such a design becomes even more accessible for everyone with the g-sensor. The built-in gravity sensor makes the screen rotate automatically in the right direction. So both right-handers and left-handers can use it effortlessly.

Made for Taking Study and Business Notes

Note Air2 is suitable for both students and office people because it offers paperlike handwriting feel and powerful writing features.

With a special writing film laminated on the screen, Note Air2 makes users feel like writing on paper. But it’s more versatile than paper. Using this device, users can visualize their ideas with different brushes, lines and shapes. And separate the notes and sketches into different layers and then share them with email.

The best part about BOOX Note Air2 is it also offers 5GB free cloud storage for users to store notes and other cloud files. So it can be useful to students, teachers, researchers and people who work in the office to take notes every day.

BOOX Note Air2 E Ink Tablet: An Ideal Christmas Gift 2021

For Avid Academic Paper Readers

Note Air2 is also an excellent Christmas gift for academic researchers because it gets powerful features for PDF files.

With this device, users can split the screen side by side to read files and take notes at the same time. When the texts in the PDF are too small, users can reflow the files and reset the layout to make texts larger and margins smaller. So they can be read effortlessly. Also, users can split the A4-size files into several sections and enlarge each section to fill the screen. So no matter how small the texts are, users can read them on Note Air2.

Available Now with a Free Set of Accessories

Note Air2 is available now at with a free magnetic stylus and a protective sleeve. This 10.3inch E Ink tablet is ideal for Christmas presents for students, teachers, researchers, business people and many users.

Also, its previous generation Note Air is offering a $60 discount at BOOX’s official store.

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