Leading numerologist and mentor Master Thomas Chiam shares the secrets to decode the full power of Solfeggio Frequencies in new book

December 16 00:06 2021
“Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies” by Master Thomas Chiam will guide readers to decode the transformational and healing power of Solfeggio Frequencies through the help of numerology.

Singapore – December 15, 2021 – The current pandemic era has left the world in deep mental agony and despair. With so much loss and panic around, people are in desperate need of mental peace. In that light, renowned numerologist, live coach, and mentor Master Thomas Chiam has recently released a new e-book on Amazon that will guide one to manage mental health through the sound healing frequencies of the famous Solfeggio Frequencies. 

Titled “Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies”, the book shares a new take in decoding the Solfeggio Frequencies with numerology calculations that will further help readers to use the correct frequencies in healing different aspects of mental challenges. 

Based on the science of sound healing, Solfeggio Frequencies comprise a set of specific tunes or frequencies that help listeners to open up the body, soul, and mind to harmonize with the tune of the Universe. These frequencies are specially designed to evoke a strong positive vibe which helps to eliminate negative energies as well as inspire emotional release. These tunes deeply impact the subconscious and conscious mind which eventually works to promote vitality and stimulate healing. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to share with you all that I have just released my new book, ‘Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies’. Many of us carry emotional baggage that prevents us from looking at the brighter side of life. It affects our mental health big time –in fact, mental health issues around the world have quadrupled up even more during the current pandemic era. But the good thing is you can get rid of these deep-seated concerns and this book will show you how”, stated Master Thomas Chiam. 

“I must stress here that it has been proven time and again that the world is ruled by frequencies and numbers. The Solfeggio Frequencies hold enormous power to positively influence your life and re-shape it for a brighter tomorrow. But, a lot of people, even though they know about these frequencies, don’t know how to decode them. This is where my new book will serve as a guide and demonstrate how to decode these powerful healing frequencies through the science of numerology so that these frequencies can be utilized to heal various aspects of mental challenges.” 

The “Healing Numbers of Solfeggio Frequencies” covers a comprehensive range of topics regarding the Solfeggio Frequencies – 

  • Overview of solfeggio frequencies 
  • History and origin of solfeggio frequencies 
  • The enormous transformative power of the solfeggio frequencies 
  • How solfeggio frequencies can bring inner healing and mental peace
  • Guide to use the solfeggio frequencies
  • Connection between solfeggio frequencies and Lushu in I-Ching
  • How numerology is linked to solfeggio tunes
  • Newly information on solfeggio frequencies
  • And more! 

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A driven educator, visionary leader, live coach, speaker, and mentor, Master Thomas Chiam is also a highly revered numerologist. His breakthrough instructional methods have earned applause from various quarters and have helped to transform the lives of several people. A great believer of “holistic learning” principles, Master Thomas aspires to build up a holistic educational system that will help to bring out the best in numbers through the aid of numerology. 

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