911 BlockChain to Fund First Responders is Going To Be Live

December 16 16:42 2021
911frcoin, a startup for investment, is soon going to be good for everyone. Interested people can also become a part of the Blockchain crowdfunding pre-sale that is coming soon, in under 7 days.12/2021.

911frcoin is a startup for Blockchain investment. The 911 company is designed to help towns satisfy their requirement for adequate first responders to provide protective emergency services, whether they are police, firefighters, medical staff, rescuers, teachers, or volunteers. The idea is to give investors 911frcoin rewards that will rise over time like a top-tier digital currency.

The company is looking forward to ultimately raising funds through a Venture Capital Seed round. So, it has come up with the idea of crowdfunding first, for proof of concept. Blockchain coin crowdfunding will be going live in a few days on 12/2021. Interested people can also become a part of it and help in raising the funds for a good cause.  And just maybe grab a token of the future, to tuck away for a rainy day.

Feel happy about your decision to invest. A one-of-a-kind and strong instrument for fighting crime and winning. This is 911frcoin-based fight fire with fire offer. By providing funds for local and county first responders, creating jobs, and offering actual monetary prizes to individuals willing to provide information leading to the arrest of both sought and unknown criminals. Normally, incentives are only offered when the victim is affluent or the case is high-profile. In actuality, the company is looking forward to doing its best to compensate everyone depending on the information provided.

The goal for 2022 is to develop an ecosystem that will allow the blockchain investment to grow into a $6 to $9 currency, rapidly expanding its acceptance with investors, and raising $3 million or more to combat crime. To do so, the company needs seed money to build

● A complex blockchain node, website, coin and database of communities and cities. Deploy a smart contract to provide accounting logistics to facilitate workflow and decisions

● Developing an online tip format that rewards tried-and-true suggestions.

● Establish a secure funding system to fund and distribute to 911 departments that require assistance. Allowing funds to go directly to department heads and chiefs, police, fire, hospital, school, and correction officers. Link 911-coin to first responders nationwide.

● Creating a national and state priority list where verified connections can request items such as overtime or specific tools.

Interested people can also become a part of 911frcoin Investment Company by supporting crowdfunding.

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