Professional Singer/Songwriter And Guitarist, Dan Hall, Scheduled To Appear As A Special Guest On Prof. Spira’s Mucus-free Life Podcast

December 16 21:32 2021
Professional Singer/Songwriter And Guitarist, Dan Hall, Scheduled To Appear As A Special Guest On Prof. Spira’s Mucus-free Life Podcast
The podcast is expected to have Prof. Spira interview Dan Hall on his transition toward a Mucus-free diet after his heart stopped for 40 seconds sometime in 2012

Prof. Spira is pleased to announce that the professional singer/songwriter and guitarist, Dan Hall, will be the special guest in this week’s edition of his Mucus-free Life Podcast. The Mucusless Diet Healing System expert, jazz musician, author, and educator, Prof. Spira, runs a weekly podcast on mucus-free living through which he discusses natural healing and how to start and maintain a plant-based diet.

The Mucus-Free Life Podcast is widely followed as a result of the deep insight Prof. Spira brings to what has been described as the most revolutionary and world-changing lifestyle on the planet. Previous guests on the podcasts include; Stuntman & Athlete Eli Martyr, Breathwork and Human Performance Expert Bryan Mirabella, 33-Year-Old Mother and Construction Worker Dani Lucky, Artist and Vegan Chef Israel Frutal, Children’s Rights Activist Cuca Russell, as well as the Fitness coach and vegan restaurant owner Johnny Gonzalez – who shared his fight to get his son Journey back from CPS after the child was unjustly taken away from him and his mother.

This week’s episode scheduled to air live at 8pmET on December 17, 2021, will see the good professor interview the famous Dan Hall on the factors that led him to adopt a lifestyle change, as well as his experience ever since. Recall that sometime in 2012, Dan Hall was suffering from multiple health issues including cardiac syncope, fatty liver disease, thyroid disease, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. 

The singer/songwriter eventually suffered a cardiac arrest which stopped his heart for about 40 seconds. Forced to use a pacemaker after being hospitalized, Dan Hall will discuss how Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System helped him lose over 120 pounds, get off of all medications, get off of his CPAP unit, and have his pacemaker removed. The talented guitarist will also speak on his journey so far and how he is feeling better than ever 7+ years later.

“I’ve had this pacemaker since November 2011. Because of Ehret, I am getting the pacemaker extracted this morning. Doc says I no longer need it. Breathing well. Better blood. Thanks again.” – Dan Hall in February 2015.

Anyone interested in tuning in to the 42nd Episode of the Mucus-free Life Podcast can simply visit the Mucus-Free Life website to catch the live discussion.

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