Fast Charging Wireless Charger Becomes A Big Seller On home24buy Store

December 17 18:03 2021
The mobile charger which comes with a 15% discount can charge mobile devices faster than most others. The Qi Wireless Charger is a perfect gift for a loved one.

One of the best and fastest charging devices for mobile devices is now available on the home24buy Store. The ultra-sleek, high-performing 10W Wireless Phone Charger Stand comes with a full guarantee, and for new customers who sign up for the newsletter, they will receive a 15% discount on the original price.

The Qi Wireless Charger makes the process of charging a mobile device simplified. To let people, know when the phone is correctly placed on the charger, a built-in LED indicator light lets the user know when the phone is charging (green). Once the mobile device is fully charged; it will then turn blue.

As well as the device being a fast charger, one of the other great things about the product is no need to use wires. The charging dock allows for wireless-charging capability for easy powering-up. With the device being small, it can easily be carried and used at different locations. They include at a friend’s house, or even at the office.

It is a powerful charging device that would make the perfect gift for a loved one. And with the price being so low, and now with the 15% off for new customers, a person could one for themselves and with the money, they have saved, buy another one as a gift:

The Fast-Charging Device is not the only great mobile device accessory available on the home24buy Store. The online store that sells a wide range of gadgets as well as other great products that include home and garden products, also stocks the LED Selfie Ring 10 inches.

The LED Selfie Ring 10 inches is a popular product with those that like to become influencers on Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. It allows people to take the best possible pictures using their mobile devices.

All the talented influences use a LED Selfie ring. Since being launched it has become one of the most used accessories for celebrities looking to increase their profile.

It is so easy to set up and easy to use that anyone with or without experience can take the perfect image. To see the latest selfie ring available, please visit

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