New Jersey DWI Lawyer Provides Strategic, Knowledgeable and Zealous DWI Defense

December 17 18:57 2021
New Jersey DWI Lawyer Provides Strategic, Knowledgeable and Zealous DWI Defense

New Jersey DWI Lawyer is a search term leading to a law firm founded by Bartholomew Baffuto, a top DWI and criminal defense attorney in New Jersey. He brings to every client’s case a strategic legal mind and in-depth technical knowledge. The attorney has many years of experience and has taken on even the toughest cases. He is battle-tested, and his results speak for themselves. His approach in defense is innovative, strategic, tactical and aggressive in testing the State’s evidence.  Attorney Baffuto is the champion of every client, and most clients characterize his efforts on their behalf as compassionate and re-assuring  during a highly stressful and difficult time.

Responding to an inquiry on what to do when signaled by the police to pull over, the attorney said, “Safely stop the vehicle on the right and wait for the police officer to walk up to your car. In any event, one should not get out of their car until they are told to do so. One should place their hands on the top part of the wheel and open the window. This behavior can assist one not to look threatening or uncivil. At night, turn on the interior light. A motorist should always be polite and provide their documents.  Do not lie, but do not talk too much.”

Wondering where to find a DWI attorney in NJ? Searching at New Jersey DWI Lawyer leads to  one of the best DWI and criminal case defense attorneys in New Jersey, Bartholomew Baffuto. He has successfully defended many clients that faced charges of driving under the influence in New Jersey. His experience and dedication in this area of practice are second to none. Attorney Baffuto takes the hard cases, e.g., repeat offenders under the DWI statute. With his vast experience, Attorney Baffuto understands the intricacies of defending DWI charges in the  justice system.  Attorney Baffuto has tried many repeat-offender DWI cases, to the great advantage of most clients.

The attorney spokesperson added, “Furthermore, one should also keep their glove box neat and clean so as to produce their documents promptly and smoothly — this contributes to maintaining calm.  If an officer asks pointed questions, e.g., about drinking, it is suggested that the motorist politely reply that they would prefer not to answer questions.  A polite request to call an attorney is appropriate if an officer insists or persists in questioning.”

The search terms DWI defense lawyer at New Jersey DWI Lawyer lead to Attorney Bartholomew Baffuto, and his clients can rely on the attorney’s office to present the best possible defense. In addition, Bartholomew Baffuto’s track record of proven results and the law firm’s reputation for zealous representation speaks volumes.  Attorney Baffuto always prioritizes the interests of clients.

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Searching New Jersey DWI Lawyer leads to a law firm renowned for executing creative strategies which better the positions of clients in criminal and DWI cases. Attorney Baffuto treats clients with respect and most often secures favorable results through hard work, a defined strategy, and determination. Those looking for a DWI defense attorney can contact the firm.

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