Calvin Lau Chuen Yien – provide advice on insurance protection from the risk of Coronavirus.

December 17 14:44 2021
Calvin Lau Chuen Yien - provide advice on insurance protection from the risk of Coronavirus.
Calvin Lau Chuen Yien

The Medical card pays for Covid-19 treatment – especially at private hospitals

While Covid-19 puts a heavy burden on the public healthcare system, many people would prefer to seek treatment in private hospitals if they don’t have much time. However, according to Calvin Lau Chuen Yien, most medical cards today do not cover communicable diseases/general pandemics such as Covid-19.

A clause in the medical card is most likely called “general pandemic exclusion” (or wordings of similar meaning). As a result, if the medical card contains such restrictions, insurance companies are unlikely to reimburse your Covid-19 hospitalisation treatment.

Yes, the medical card covers Covid-19 treatment

Only AIA, Etiqa (for a short period), and Prudential medical cards, according to Calvin Lau Chuen Yien’s understanding, pay for the hospitalisation treatment as per medical card coverage. Other companies protect a gesture of goodwill. Each insurance company has its own set of rules and policies. As a result, if the citizen in Malaysia has other medical cards from other companies, it would be advisable to look into getting supplemental hospitalisation coverage for Covid-19.

In addition, Calvin Lau Chuen Yien pointed out that:

All AIA medical plans will cover medical treatment for any issues or side effects requiring hospitalisation after receiving the approved COVID-19 vaccination, subject to the policy or certificate’s benefit limits and terms and conditions.

The profile of Calvin Lau Chuen Yien

Calvin Lau Chuen Yien graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the University Putra Malaysia (UPM). In August 2003, Calvin Lau Chuen Yien started his career as an insurance agent. Before embarking on this path, he worked as a senior financial analyst in a fintech company for roughly seven years. He had many experiences working several part-time jobs and as an insurance agent during his academic years.

Calvin Lau Chuen Yien has established The Wealth Management, an insurance company in 34 Gerbang Bukit Kecil 2, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Calvin Lau Chuen Yien has been awarded one of Malaysia’s top 3 best insurance agents and one of the country’s leading sales insurance agents. Besides, Calvin Lau is also a well-known speaker at insurance and wealth conferences. He was frequently invited to speak at financial planning seminars or universities. He has been opening up to 110 talks in different states.

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