One of the best books on self acceptance for 2022, (Im)Possible: Supernatural Possibility in Impossible Situations

December 17 22:30 2021

Author and teacher Danielle Zumpano has announced the forthcoming release of her empowering guide to true self-acceptance, (Im)Possible: Supernatural Possibility in Impossible Situations. She hopes that her work will encourage readers to become more confident in themselves and trust that God can bring them through even the most trying of times.

(Im)Possible dissects the enduring question of what it means to live well and with purpose as children of God. In a modern society that emphasizes materialism and vanity, Zumpano offers a refreshing perspective that challenges the rat race mentality of searching for temporary fulfillment in empty places.

Zumpano’s work is perfect for anyone who enjoys introspective books that promote thoughtfulness, mindful living, and self-discovery. Meant as a resounding response to the mystery of what life is supposed to be, (Im)Possible reminds readers that Jesus is the gateway to facing even the most challenging obstacles.

In a time of global upset and uncertainty, (Im)Possible is a much-needed reminder of the all-encompassing power of walking in the light of God. This life-changing book teaches the audience to connect with their authentic selves by understanding who they are designed to be. To live a lesser life is to throw away the gift of God’s creation.

(Im)Possible: Supernatural Possibility in Impossible Situations is scheduled for release on December 27, 2021. Pre-order now on or wherever books are sold.

Danielle Zumpano is the owner of Against the Grain Lifestyle, a teacher, and an author. She currently lives in Westchester County, NY with her family. Visit her online at Follow Zumpano’s social media accounts at and

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