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December 17 23:00 2021

After successfully launching the Binance IGO and 1.0 metaverse game, the NFT gamefi metaverse project StarryNift is going to release new functions on December 20th to enrich the metaverse with multiple dimensions.

Having accomplished NFT collecting, mining, and gaming, StarryNift will activate more metaverse spaces for users to enjoy diverse Play to Earn and Create to Earn fun.

NFT Battle & Tournament

The planet battlefield of StarryNift is on fire now. Code Green holders can use the equipment (from Land Occupation game and the co-creation equipment blind box sale) to weaponize their Code Green warriors, thus enhancing the battle attribute. Higher attribute Code Greens have a higher probability of winning the battle and enjoying P2E rewards.

To highlight this NFT battle function launch, StarryNift intends to initiate a limited-time battle tournament with BUSD reward. To show gratitude to the users, StarryNift will host consecutive events with Million BUSD prize pool for the top winners. All Code Green holders can join this event to experience the fierce gamefi excitement.

Initial Co-creation Offering

Establishing a co-creation metaverse contributed by community members is the ultimate goal of StarryNift. A healthy metaverse ecosystem should include not only Play to Earn, but also Create to Earn. Metaverse is a mutual world, players have the dual identity of both consumers and creators, they should be encouraged to invent what they want in the metaverse and get paid for valuable work.

Thus, StarryNift will launch the Initial Co-creation Offering: the equipment blind box with all the original art pieces from the art contest top winners. The winner has already got the BUSD and the whole set of NFTs as rewards, and will also get part of the overall sale as a bonus commission. The rest of the sale will go into the StarryNift Co-creation Fund, which will be set as a long-term tradition to invite more talented members to show their creativity and get profit.


To boost liquidity and let new users get NFT and join the metaverse, StarryNift is going to open the marketplace. Here, the rare Original Era Code Green NFT holders can enjoy high trading profit, and the new players can have the chance to get NFT to join the Play to Earn game.

In the future, mining and referral functions will activate. Players can earn stable profit from mining, and get more special rewards from referral. Besides new functions releasing, various spaces such as incubation zone, pet center, entertaining hall will also activate, to let players experience multiple metaverse fun.

StarryNift dedicates itself to creating an NFT game metaverse. Here, “Collect to Earn”, “Play to Earn”,”Create to Earn” and “Govern to Earn” are the core concepts. StarryNift firmly believes that the user is the co-builder of the entire metaverse, and wishes to construct a metaverse where every player can generate creative content, making the players the real dominators of the metaverse development.

About StarryNift

The mission of StarryNift is to empower art by technology and democratize value appreciation as DAO. The vision is to enable the whole ecosystem to share the prosperity of the creator and token economy and unlock new ways to explore the metaverse by game+art+DeFi+NFT Ark.

Website: https://app.starrynift.art 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StarryNift

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