Onduline North America Can Help With New Year DIY Resolutions

December 20 21:54 2021
ONDURA® and TUFTEX® panels are perfect solutions for any outdoor project.

New Year resolutions of home improvement projects can be terrifying and leave people feeling unsuccessful. Onduline North America and their roofing products – ONDURA Premium Series and TUFTEX – is the right choice for any outdoor project.  Their products are durable, lightweight, and easy to install.  From roofing to underdecking and side walls; from natural light to covered roofs; Onduline has a solution to fit what people need.

ONDURA Premium Series™ and TUFTEX® products are available at a variety of retailers such as Lowe’s and are used by various other manufacturers. 

ONDURA Premium Series™ roofing panels have no sharp edges and will not corrode. These panels offer a unique look to any roofing project while not resonating noise or radiating heat. This helps to keep structures cooler on sunny days and quieter during storms.  ONDURA Premium Series is the perfect DIY roofing solution for sheds, garages, gazebos, playhouses, doghouses, hen houses, tree houses, man caves, she sheds, and just about any other structure in a backyard.

“This roof panel is easy to install and provides excellent protection for many years.” Burt, Lowes Customer.

The TUFTEX® series features individual panel products to fit a variety of solutions.

TUFTEX PolyCarb™ are corrugated panels that are 20 times stronger than 5 oz. fiberglass corrugated panels and are designed to withstand a wide range of surface temperatures; 270°F to -40°F. These panels are suitable for greenhouses, outdoor gardening structures, and sun porches. 

TUFTEX UltraVinyl™ is made with a vinyl plastic polymer and is 15 times stronger than 5 oz. fiberglass corrugated panels. These panels can be used for indoor or outdoor DIY projects. An outdoor project can include but are not limited to, covers for carports, patios, and other backyard structures that protect from snow, rain, and sunlight.  TUFTEX UltraVinyl™ Deck Drain is best for underdecking projects.  These panels will keep the area under a deck dry and looking great.

TUFTEX SeaCoaster™ panels are economical for any smaller outdoor and indoor projects.  These panels are 10 times stronger than 5 oz. fiberglass corrugated panels and are lightweight, flexible, and flame resistant.

Onduline North America brings nearly 45 years of local history, beginning in Virginia in 1976 with its corrugated asphalt panels. The TUFTEX® plastics operations were founded in 1988, moving to Fredericksburg in 1995. Together the products of ONDULINE®, ONDURA®, and TUFTEX® brands provide material for almost any roofing structure and a variety of other projects.

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