Blockchain game “Startdustmeta” is about to start a magical journey

December 20 23:00 2021

The myths of Axie Infinity, Raca and other games have portrayed the broad prospects of chain games for the public, and the natural fit of “meta universe” with games and the upgrade of policy supervision have pushed chain games to a new climax. Just like the rise of DeFi and NFT, the endless chain games seem to have more than a dozen every day. The super-high return rate, seven days to return to the original, and the “good” story of the day are viral in many communities. Style spread. It seems that the investment in a game can be doubled, and the market seems to tell us the same in the past few days. FACEBOOK officially announced that the company officially changed its name to Meta, hoping to show that the company will focus on the meta universe (virtual reality world-meta universe) in the future. In the post-epidemic era, the global economy is weak, coupled with the domestic power limit and production limit, the future of GameFi looks brilliant.

The latest blockchain game “Startdustmeta” is about to start a magical journey!

Startdustmeta is jointly developed by the world’s top game team and the Global Digital Mining Value Alliance, using the original mature game development team, combined with the latest blockchain Metaverse+Gamefi+NFT to create a new experiential interstellar exploration chain You, the project is based on the open, interactive and decentralized virtual world constructed by the BSC Binance Smart Chain. It has the characteristics and advantages of open and transparent blockchain game operations. It is currently initially scheduled to run on the BSC chain.

The background of the Startdustmeta game is that there is a planet in the depths of the vast universe. The village where the local aborigines live is surrounded by a cobblestone wall, so it is also called “walled village”. Although it is only a thin city wall, it has protected the villagers here for generations, because the outside world separated by a wall is a number of parallel universes filled with magical and supernatural creatures. The protagonist Tristan, like all young people, is full of curiosity about the outside world, and finally begins his journey of exploring all parallel universes with his pet monster. Many functions of the Startdustmeta Chain Tour create a unique experience. The immersion and smoothness of operation kill similar chain games. The short return period and strong project parties determine that the Startdustmeta Chain Tour will become the leader on the BSC chain. Chain tour.

According to sources, the general gameplay of Startdustmeta is as follows:

1. Before the project goes online, 2-3 rounds of blind box pre-sales will be carried out. The total number is about 1000-3000, which are equipment and materials. There are three kinds of materials, namely Startdustmeta Crystal-SDC Startdustmeta Crystal, Startdustmeta Alloy-SDA Startdustmeta Alloy and Startdustmeta Food-SDF Startdustmeta Food.

2. The BSC chain will deploy three material tokens, among which various equipment and tools are synthesized by SDC and SDA, SDF feeds the pet monster FODO, and three materials are randomly collected. Among them, SDC and SDF have loss and deflation mechanisms.

3. Three kinds of material tokens are obtained: one is to obtain equipment and tools synthesized by material tokens; the other is to obtain randomly by pet monsters.

Judging from the current chain game market, all major project teams are focusing on the game economic system. The life cycle of most chain game products still only stays at the simple combination of centralized games and financial decentralization. Startdustmeta Games builds a unique player community culture that belongs to the product through social empowerment, faces the world, and establishes a comprehensive blockchain game with high playability, high interaction and high user stickiness for users to solve current chain games. Poor playability and insufficient experience. In the future, with the rapid development of virtual reality technology and the improvement of the supporting experience of somatosensory equipment, we are expected to experience the immersive interstellar world of the universe. At the same time, Startdustmeta games integrate cutting-edge technologies such as “DEFI+NFT+GameFi”. The Startdustmeta game platform builds a powerful virtual world for players, based on the construction and development of blockchain games, and integrates DeFi. Innovative gameplay such as NFT and NFT, which is more interesting and interactive. In this economic operation model that takes into account both fun and profitability, players can achieve value creation and value appreciation in the Startdustmeta game.

“Startdustmeta” is about to start a magical journey, we will wait and see! For the latest progress of the project, you can follow the official Twitter.


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