Era of Civilization: The Ancient World with The Best Blockchain Game Tokenomics to Earn BTC

December 21 15:09 2021

Era of Civilization: The Ancient World (EOC) is an NFT-based online video game that has recently become a hit. EOC is invested by MMR foundation and the famous NEWSAN Fintech, UK. The EOC whitelist entry officially starts on December 20, which caused quite a stir at the blockchain game circle abroad. it takes only a week for EOC to attract 150 thousands daily active followers spread around its social Media, including Telegram, Twitter, Medium and Discord.

Introduction of EOC:

EOC allows players to develop different strategies while fighting in the Middle Ages. In EOC, players can continuously collect heroes of different attributes and levels by opening blind boxes. Heroes can participate in expeditions, engage in agricultural work, and even be rented out in the EOC game market for higher profits. At present, blind boxes are divided into three qualities, namely elementary, common and rare. Different NFT items are contained in different levels of blind boxes, including a series of content such as heroes and items of completing serious game missions. Players can sell all the in-game items via the game’s NFT marketplace while collecting tokens the game generates.

The game has a rich set of heroes, with a total of five ranks. Heroes of different levels have different abilities, and two heroes of the same level can be combined into a higher rank hero. Heroes can take the monster maze challenges and get rich rewards with EOCC and rare in-game items. Players can also choose to place heroes on the farm to unlock the farm system. The farm will produce EOCC every day. Players can continue to increase production by placing higher-level heroes to perform farm work.

When players have a union card, they can choose to create their own in-game union. Unions can also be upgraded. Unions at different levels have different membership restrictions and different output bonus settings. Joining a union can also unlock union war events, allowing players to compete with all players in the entire server and fight for the seven cities in the game. The victor of the war will divide up all the war income generated by the game foundation.

If players are looking for realistic medieval battles and ready to embark on a dangerous path to glory and wealth, then this game is for you. Participants can enjoy a higher level of fun through the advanced Play To Earn (P2E) GameFi model. This game will truly make you rich by rewarding users with a series of mainstream crypto assets including Bitcoin, which you have never seen in other games. The championship battle has begun. 

Features of EOC:

1. Best P2E mode: Win the game and earn BTC.

2. Best strategy game: Player empire simulation, including hundreds of epic events in medieval Europe from 476 AD to 1492 AD, from the King of the Crusades to the Dark Ages. Use strategies to plan European colonization.

3. Medieval role-playing game: Like King Arthur, the conqueror of Avalon, summon lords and knights around your throne and choose the best tactics and strategies to conquer other civilizations.

4. Empire simulation: Build your own stronghold, develop your dynasty there and fight against other unions.

Tokenomics of EOC:

EOC consumes BNB cryptocurrencies (as gas on Binance Smart Chain), EOC Coins (EOCC) and Make Me Rich token (MMR). In addition, all the in-game items are digitized as NFTs.

About MMR

MMR is a platform token that supports the decentralized computing power trading MMR platform, which naturally combines traditional Filcoin mining with mainstream DeFi game settings. There are many ways to obtain MMR tokens, whether through different types of staking and staking in the MMR platform, or trading in the secondary market Pancake Swap.

Users with MMR not only can draw blind boxes at the beginning stage of the EOC to gain rare in-game items, at the same time the platform will also feed users back multiple benefits:

1. The earned MMR 50% will go into the game union pool to increase the income of players which build the game union;

2. The earned MMR 20% will be burned;

3. The earned MMR 10% will be collected by the foundation to provide incentives for future community governance, etc;

4. The earned MMR 20% will be used to contribute liquidity to MMR and EOCC to maintain the game economic system.

About EOCC

As the currency in the game, EOCC exists in every corner of the game and has an initial price 1EOCC=0.0001U. The specific usage scenarios of EOCC include buying blind box, creating game unions, triggering union wars and hero leasing. EOCC integrate organically with different parts of the game. The more EOCC you have, the more advantageous it is to complete with other players.

Let’s build your team of heroes, participate in political conspiracies, defeat enemy civilizations in wars, expand your kingdom into a glorious empire, and finally rewrite the history of the Middle Ages.

Important information about EOC:

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