Martins Software & Automation, Inc. Splits Off Into Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc.

December 21 12:30 2021
Florida-based smart, cognitive computing company, Martins Software & Automation, Inc., launches Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc., a split-off of its drone manufacturing division

The team at Martins Software & Automation, Inc., led by the forward-thinking Timothy Costello, has taken another giant stride towards delivering the latest tech solutions to as many people as possible as the company splits off its drone division into Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc. in a related development, Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc. has introduced Agraria Tuono, a solution already described as the “future of green drone technology.”

Splitting this division from the parent company will allow us to maximize this division potential, and fully develop our hydrogen fuel-cell powered agricultural drone Agraria Tuono, UAV survey & surveillance drones Fulmine and drone systems. We are very excited to be at this moment in our company’s history after three-plus years of hard work, we are still discussing the various possibilities & capabilities of this split-off company, said Chairman, Timothy Costello stated.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for drone technology, as businesses as well as individuals, seek to explore the immense features and benefits of the solution. A recent report published by BCC Research revealed that the global market for drone technology was valued at $30.0 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will hit $54.6 billion by 2025. However, Martins Software & Automation, Inc. looks to take the user-experience to another level while exploring the limitless potentials of the technology as substantiated with the recent creation of Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc.

Prometheus Automated Drone Systems, Inc. was spun- off from Martins Software & Automation, Inc. in November 2021 to develop the flagship Agrarian Tuono agricultural hydrogen fuel cell-powered automated drone prototype. The move will facilitate the goal of delivering more ground-breaking drone technology solutions for different purposes across industries.

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About Prometheus Automated Drone Flight System, Inc.

Prometheus Automated Drone System, Inc. was created as a split-off from Martin Software & Automation, Inc. in November 2021. The core business of the company is to provide low-cost hydrogen fuel cell-powered UAV drones, and flight systems for agricultural, resource, forestry, survey, military, and EMS industries.


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