Understanding and Buying the Right Type of Dryer

December 21 14:16 2021
Understanding and Buying the Right Type of Dryer

For many people, choosing the right type of household appliance can be difficult and stressful, but the people at Prime Appliance Repairs have put together a handy guide to enable consumers to make the right choice first time, every time, when choosing a household clothes dryer.

“With such a cornucopia of options available from different manufacturers” began a spokesperson from the company “it is easy to end up confused by the range of choices and not buying the right one for your property”.

“Salespersons are often commission-based or don’t have the extensive knowledge that an experienced repair and installation electrician will have about what is best for the consumer, rather than best for their wage packet”.

“With options ranging from gas or electric in terms of power, and vented or condenser in terms of how the moisture is removed”, continued the spokesperson – “it is important to think about your own installation needs as well as how best to remove moisture without causing problems of damp or condensation”.

“The first choice is between a gas or electric dryer. A gas dryer will generally cost more to buy upfront as models are more expensive due to their internal complexity. However, they are more energy-efficient in the long-term and cheaper to run once installed. They do usually need a separate hook up to gas mains and will usually require a vent to the outside of the property.

“Electric dryers are cheaper to buy and to install, but more expensive to run, so consumers need to be aware of these key differences when buying”.

“The other choice” continued the spokesperson “is between a dryer connected to a vent or some sort of condenser. Vented dryers heat the air inside the dryer and remove it from the dryer by use of a vent, which usually needs to be connected to ducts or pipes that lead outside.”.

“By contrast, a condenser dryer, or one with a heat pump, is more energy efficient in removing the moisture from the dryer, recirculating warmer air to help dry the clothes”.

“Finally, consumers need to be aware of the energy efficiency ratings of the dryer, the size of the dryer (and whether it will fit in the desired location) as well as the load capacity. Consumers should decide what features and types of dryer they are looking for before beginning the purchase process in order to ensure they get the best dryer for their needs”.

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