Talented songwriter, Gerard Andrews Collabs With Harley Lane For The Newest Track, “You’re All Beautiful”

December 21 21:00 2021

Songwriter Gerard Andrews of Newry City, Northern Ireland, has created a pleasing song, titled “You’re All Beautiful” in collaboration with vocalist Harley Lane and James Sinclair’s recording studio.

Gifted songwriter, Gerard Andrews wrote the beautiful lyrics for the song “You’re All Beautiful”, which portrays all the women of Newry and Mourne Northern Ireland, being utterly beautiful that they don’t have to change anything.

For the past 28 years, Gerard Andrews has been working as a ghostwriter for the music industry, which was until 2 years ago when he started getting recognized as a lyric writer in the industry. With skillful lyric writing, Gerard has been in collaboration with different pop stars recently and earned reorganization as an alternative music genre songwriter. Leaving behind the role of ghostwriter, Gerard is been recognized as a gifted lyric writer for the past two years, where people started knowing him for his inspirational and beautiful lyrics.

Gerard has openly accepted his admiration for the great Canadian singer Céline Dion. He declared that “she’s my hero in the music world”. He also cherishes the moment when collaborating with Ukrainian musician Kira Mazur for the track, “Miss All About You” and beliefs this was dream come true.

Gerard Andrews

Admired from his favorite singers, Gerard has written many beautiful lyrics for songs like, “Cause I Miss You”, “Side By Side”, “Champions Above The Rest”, “Found My Peace”, and “Stronger Than Steel”, all these songs are available on Amazing radio station. Along with lyrics writing, Gerard has created his own song called, “Leave Me Behind” in which he used vocal tuning for his vocals and the song is available on radio station too.

With great years of experience as a ghostwriter in the entertainment world, Gerard has become more passionate and motivated towards getting new music projects with top artists through his gifted lyric writing.

Apart from creating inspirational and creative lyrics, Gerard spent most of his free time with his two daughters, Ciara and Claire. Also, he loves to do fishing and gardening with his two brothers, Eugen and David.

With more than two decades of presence in the entertainment industry, Gerard has gained a lot of valuable life experience and he has some important life tips for his fans and the younger generation about how to believe in self and stay ahead in life’s journey. Gerard advised, “Don’t hold back if you want to get into music. Put yourself together and move forward towards achieving your goal”.

When asked about what inspired him to get into the music industry, Gerard replied, “Craig Durrance of the Studiopros recording studio has taught me a lot about music and writing. Also, I got inspired about writing lyrics by listening to the songs by Mark Zubek from Zedd Records”.

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