The Amazing Biological Revolution and The Amazing New Health Car

December 21 23:27 2021
The Amazing Biological Revolution and The Amazing New Health Car

Unveiling one of the most important book publishing of this time, Bertil Lindmark has given us a strong reason to read about medicine and its impact on our lives.

Bertil Lindmark has ten years of clinical medicine and 30 years of drug development experience. He has worked with AstraZeneca, ASLAN, eTheRNA Immunotherapies, and many other pharmaceutical companies, playing a critical role in developing the famous asthma drug – Symbicort.

He is currently working as CMO Galecto Biotech in Copenhagen, Denmark developing medicines for cancer and fibrosis. His book – The Amazing Biological Revolution and The Amazing New Health Care – reveals how medicine and technology are progressing with leaps and bounds to make health care widespread and affordable. The book’s contents are poised over the question of whether it’s possible to provide pre-emptive health care to everyone at a price they can easily afford. If we can, we allow people to live healthy lives and avoid medical catastrophes, suffering and death.

The book starts with a detailed description of the Bio-revolution. He talks about how different ‘explosions’ like population explosion, age explosion, fat explosion and travel explosion have changed how we live and treat our bodies. What defines a good diet has changed many times over in the last fifty years and has significantly affected our bodies and our choices to take appropriate remedies.

Bertil Lindmark then discusses research in genetics and how it has changed the approach to developing medicines in the 21st century. The book has eye-opening information about every aspect of medicine in each chapter, making a medicine book more exciting than fiction. The book is available on Amazon in both kindle and paperback. Just click here to get your copy.

Professor Bertil Lindmark:

After 10 years of academic medicine and becoming specialist in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology, he defended his PhD thesis in Molecular Epidemiology at the Lund University in Sweden. He then joined Astra where he held global leadership positions and developed Symbicort, which is one of the most successful asthma and COPD medicines ever. In AstraZeneca Japan, he led Clinical Development before he became the Global Head of R&D at Almirall in Barcelona, Spain. There he led the development of the second long-acting antimuscarinic to the mainstream markets in the EU and the US, and several other compounds, which AstraZeneca acquired in 2014.

After that he spent time in Singapore as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, developing cancer therapies and in Belgium at eTheRNA Immunotherapies where he focused on cancer mRNA-based cancer vaccines. He is currently working as CMO Galecto Biotech in Copenhagen, Denmark developing innovative medicines for cancer and fibrosis.

Bertil Lindmark also holds a position as Professor at the Institute of Medicine, Gothenburg University, Sweden, at the department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Professor Lindmark is Member, Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Competitive Research Programme (CRP) International Evaluation Panel (IEP), under the Prime Ministers’ Office.

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