Oraah – Teaching women to love themselves a little

December 22 00:30 2021

Oraah is the new kid on the block with an ambitious mission to transform the nutrition and wellness industry with an all-natural and exclusive range of products for women that will empower and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves in every way.

Launched by young entrepreneurs, Pradyumn Kanyadhara, Manideep Bolisetty and Nohitha Cheva, as a concept in April 2020,  Oraah wants to make a positive impact on women’s health and wellness. They have focused on research to develop the right kind of products be it in the form of natural ingredients based drinks to take care of PCOS, menstrual cramps, or skin and hair fall or to promote general health like protein powder and even intimate hygiene products like hair removal creams and intimate wipes. Each product has been designed to meet a woman’s personal needs and make her life and health a little better.

Oraah has tied up with large online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, SustainKart and FitDay apart from having its own website. The idea is to raise awareness about these products and make them accessible pan India.

Oraah’s range of products includes Cramp relief roll-ons, intimate wipes, hair removal cream, specially formulated drinks for UTI support, PCOS balance, tea for PCOS, Thyroid issues and period pain, drinks for glowing skin, acne relief and preventing hair fall and protein powder for lean muscles.

What sets Oraah apart from others is the focus on quality. They have set really high standards for themselves. No gluten, soy, artificial fillers or junk go into any Oraah product. Every ingredient is sourced carefully via close partnerships with producers and manufacturers. A lot of research and development goes into developing each product based on science and Ayurveda. Paying attention to detail and not cutting corners ensures that Oraah is a cut above the rest.

The growing awareness about the need for women’s health and hygiene and developing unique products for them is creating a change in mindset. Today’s women are more conscious, confident and aware that they need to love themselves some more. They are focusing on their special needs and actively looking for solutions instead of putting up with health issues as natural feminine problems. Today’s women need and seek proper remedies. They are willing to try out new options. This is the segment of new generation bold women that Oraah wishes to tap – those who believe in themselves and can self-inspire to be empowered.

With a young team, strong values, a keen entrepreneurial spirit and the vision to be women’s go-to brand when they think of nutrition and wellness, Oraah is setting its targets really high. Combining the wealth of ancient Ayurveda with the discoveries of modern science,  Oraah aims to create a unique array of products that can make life better for women. It is time women focused on themselves and indulged in a bit of self-love and Oraah wants to help them on this journey of self-discovery of a better version of themselves.

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