International Franchise Law’s Mario L. Herman Knows How to Handle Franchise-Related Disputes

December 22 01:03 2021

Mario L. Herman is a sole franchise lawyer specializing in international and internal U.S. franchise law. Mr. Herman graduated from Georgetown University law center in 1983. He works very closely with potential franchise owners. The lawyer has over 33 years of experience representing franchisees linked with more than 115 franchise firms in the United States and abroad. As a lawyer for franchisees, he helps entrepreneurs and other franchise owners in several ways. He goes the extra mile to make sure his client’s rights are protected.

Speaking about why the franchisees chose him for legal matters, the firm’s spokesperson said, “It is more important for you to hire the right lawyer, such as a franchise law expert. Mr. Herman can offer you advice on various franchise disputes from his office in Washing D.C., including choosing, operating, selling, and buying the right franchise. Mr. Herman has represented clients in several states such as; Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, California, and many more. No matter where his clients are located in the United States or overseas, he always helps them.”

Mediation for international franchise conflicts is not a walk in the park. It takes time. It also calls for patience and a set of specific skills that can ease tension during the mediation process. The process is not that simple, mainly because the stakes are high. There is always the money factor. When the mediation process is over, conflicting parties that could not see eye to eye end up shaking hands if a settlement has occurred. Some even resort to continue working together under new terms. Therefore, individuals who seek to hire a franchise lawyer in the U.S. can contact Mr. Herman.

Speaking about franchise disputes, the law firm’s spokesperson said. “As a lawyer for franchisees, Mr. herman helps his clients during the influential stages of purchasing a franchise. Mr. Herman also represents them in disagreements that must be fixed through negotiation. The attorney can also settle differences for franchisees or resolve disputes through settlement negotiations or arbitration. As a knowledgeable and experienced U.S. franchise lawyer, Mr. Herman can offer legal guidance and representation in a broad range of legal issues, including; Arbitration, buying, and selling of a franchise. Mr. Herman is a licensed attorney in Washington, D.C. The attorney has filed numerous cases across the U.S. Mr. Herman has also represented clients in various foreign countries such as U.K., Mexico, Brazil, Poland and, Australia.”

Mario L. Herman is a talented and reliable lawyer who is ready to work closely with local and international franchises. He has been practicing franchise law for over 30 years, representing clients based in the U.S. and abroad. He takes immense pride in the services he provides, including protecting his clients in franchise disputes. That is the reason you should hire a franchise agreement contract lawyer, and Mr. Herman is here to help you.

About Mario L.Herman

Mr. Herman lectured at the first Annual franchisee seminar held in China in October 1988. He helps those in franchise disputes, whether that is litigation or arbitration. International Franchise Law is a recognized brand whose services fit clients’ needs. Mr. Mario has served as an attorney specializing in franchise law for over 33 years.

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