Fitness Equipment Reviews Website Function 5 Fitness Acquires IF-FIT Online Fitness Magazine to Serve More Great Fitness Content

December 22 15:06 2021
Function 5 Fitness is committed to improving individuals’ health and wellbeing by proposing innovative products that help them achieve their goals. Its research lab is committed to finding, testing, reviewing & proposing the best products to help people achieve their fitness goals.

According to announcements released by Function 5 Fitness and Bill Olimpson, this fitness equipment reviews site has consistently provided trusted information on fitness products. Its exhaustive buying guides on treadmills, home gyms, pull-up bars, pulldown machines, etc. It has recently acquired IF-FIT, a respected online fitness magazine. It is now better placed to deliver even more great content for fitness enthusiasts who wish to make informed purchase decisions.

The detailed product comparisons and product reviews on this site have been extremely well received by enthusiastic readers seeking actionable insights to save money and buy equipment safely. 

The guide on the best budget rowing machines is an in-depth piece on ergometers that don’t take up space and are value-for-money purchases yielding the desired health benefits. A good rowing machine helps develop muscles and assists weight management. 

Noiselessness, ease of assembly, stability, different resistance levels, ease of shifting, Bluetooth connectivity, and price are factors the detailed guide covers in reviewing the six best budget rowing machines. 

The website publishes content to help individuals in different situations and stages of fitness. People who do not have access to a gym and wish to develop their chest muscles can check out the article on chest-building exercises with a dumbbell without a bench. The exercises explained stimulate the growth of the pectoral muscles, foster muscular stability, and can easily be done at home. These exercises target upper pectorals and lower pectorals for balanced development; coupled with pushups, these exercises can easily add inches to one’s chest. 

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Bill Olimpson of Function 5 Fitness said, “The squat and deadlift are some of the most common movements that you are likely to do with a weighted barbell. Many people may focus on one or the other or separate them over different days. Judging the balance between these two constructive movements can raise concern on which one is best and what benefits to using one or the other.

Today, we look at the negatives and benefits of using squats and deadlifts on the same day, if it’s safe and why you should use squats and deadlifts on the same day. Without further ado, let’s look at all the common questions you may have regarding squats and deadlifts on the same day. One of the most common questions that people ask us is if it’s safe to squat & deadlift on the same day, and it’s a good question as there is a lot of muscle work that could overdo your body.

We believe that using squats and deadlifts on the same day is safe but is not for the faint-hearted as it does require a lot of mental and physical strength. There are no medical issues directly related to squats and deadlifts in a single day.”

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Function 5 Fitness is a trusted repository of fitness equipment reviews, product guides, and comparisons. Its recent acquisition of IF-FIT has bolstered its capacity to provide excellent, meaningful content for fitness enthusiasts – both amateur and professional. The team researches products and bases its reviews on use.

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