EOC raises $8M at nearly $110M valuation for Era Of Civilization play-to-earn NFT game

December 22 18:45 2021

EOC LAB has raised $8 million at a nearly $110 million valuation to help grow its Era Of Civilization (EOC) “play-to-earn” game that monetized via nonfungible tokens (NFTs). And this funding bankrolled by institutions such as MMR Foundation is aimed at stirring a developer and player revolt against the establishment of gaming.

The game uses NFTs to uniquely identify game characters. Players spend real money to acquire those characters and engage in battles with other players and in-game unions. They can level up the characters and sell them to other players through the game-market, and that generates extra income for the players. EOC is distributed on PCs and Macs, and can be played on mobile devices.

The capability to earn money in games is normally called “play-to-earn”, and it has taken off in a variety of ways. EOC expects to hit No. 1 in NFT collectibles in mainstream blockchain sales rank measurement firms. As of December 20, EOC has attracted 150,000 daily active followers on its social media, including Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and Discord. The total subscribers of the EOC channel exceed 1.3 million.

The difference between EOC and all other play-to-earn GameFi models is the realistic reward system in EOC. This game will truly make all EOC players rich by rewarding players with a series of mainstream crypto-assets including Bitcoin, which you have never seen in other games. Therefore, players can enjoy a higher level of fun through the most advanced GameFi reward model in EOC.

The key concept here with EOC was play-to-live(P2L), which has given many players — starting with poor players in the rural Philippines first and now spreading to many other emerging markets — the ability to earn money, even a living, playing in the virtual world of the game. We can call this the Leisure Economy, where we all get paid to play games.


MMR Foundation believes that play-to-live will be transformative economic power for communities, particularly in developing natures that were hit hard by COVID-19 and where jobs are in short supply. It could even be a model for more developed nations as the coming of AI will likely wipe out a lot of jobs. In recognition of the opportunity, The famous Sky Guild Games started a guild with thousands of players to help players earn money and related crypto-assets more easily and then invest some of the proceeds in investments back in EOC itself, which forms a positive economic circle for the game itself.

Through a unique rental system to exchange in-game items and heroes, the game guild helps other players greatly reduce the cost of establishing an in-game countries, thereby increasing the chance of earning more Bitcoin from the game. This helps to bring more new players into the game and guilds. Sky Guild Games also pioneered “scholarships” for players, where it paid the upfront fees through pooled guild money.

“We can create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Philippines with this game,” Sky Guild Games said.

Now many such guilds plan to join EOC for doing that, helping to grow the number of EOC players at a tremendous rate. Sky Guild Games helped the EOC community get noticed by funding Tasis to make the documentary, Play-to-live, about the roots of the game in the Philippines. In this way, more than one company is benefiting from the Era Of Civilization ecosystem.

Besides the Philippines, where the game originally took off, Era Of Civilization is now targeting also in other emerging markets such as Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana, and Turkey.

“It’s beautiful that we have been able to introduce crypto to people that have traditionally not been using it,” MMR Foundation mentioned.

“We’re getting this technology in the hands of the people that really need it. And that is super rare.”

Important information about EOC:

EOC Links:

1. DApp: https://www.eocryptoken.com/

2. Telegram: https://t.me/EoCryptoken

3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/eoc_global

MMR Links:

1. DApp: https://www.mmr.finance

2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/makemerichmmr

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