How young change-makers like Tony Malzone are going to shape the future.

December 22 21:24 2021
From the kid in the back of the class, to front and center on the world’s stage, Tony Malzone is a name to remember.

Tony is no stranger to public service work. In high school, Tony spent evenings in the pediatric emergency room of his local county hospital. He wasn’t there because he was a patient, he was volunteering, because he wanted to be there. He says the experiences he had there were instrumental in shaping the work he later pursued. His greatest inspiration stems from his time in school. Tony says he wasn’t always the best student from a young age. Drowning by the number of students in a public school classroom, he quickly and quietly fell behind. Once high school came along, he says he would be thought of by most as a lost cause, a statistic, a troubled student.

In the latter part of high school, after being diagnosed with ADHD, he found New Way Academy. He says when he came to New Way his junior year, he was discouraged, defeated, and distant. He had given up on everything he had dreamt about as a little boy, and if there was anywhere he wanted to be, it surely wasn’t a classroom. But the culture and community of New Way prevailed, and so did his outlook. Here he felt what it feels like to find his passion, to learn to learn, to grow, and preserve. He went on to graduate from New Way and attend the University of Arizona.

Tony’s journey led him to research and develop human capabilities. His work explores and develops the ways in which individuals and social institutions interface, to encourage greater synergies. His change-making passion has led him to be working with the United Nations and congressional members on the world’s stage.

On a local level, he’s involved with one of the largest Hispanic non-profit’s, Chicanos Por La Causa. With his long-time friend, he launched Studio Soni, in which he hopes to create more effective art and architecture through social design. Near and dear to him has always been the work of New Way Academy, he says they empowered him to be everything he is today. He’s now the executive director of their alumni association.

His story doesn’t stop there, he’s got big plans for the future. Tony really believes that everyone is capable of something valuable. He’d like to answer the question of how we can better identify and empower those capabilities. He once had nearly straight F’s, he also walked across his graduation stage with straight A’s, he learned it wasn’t him that was the problem, it was the approach. Tony says “It’s as natural and as simple as when you water a plant, a plant grows, but only with the right environment.” It’s inspiring leadership and actionable passion like this that will continue to shape our world of tomorrow. From the kid in the back of the class, to front and center on the world’s stage, Tony Malzone is a name to remember.

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