Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Bat Control Services in Raleigh and Charlotte

December 22 23:18 2021
Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Bat Control Services in Raleigh and Charlotte

Bats play an essential role in local ecosystems, consuming many times their body weight in insects and helping to keep seasonal pests such as mosquitoes under control. Unfortunately, bats can quickly become a nuisance, or even a danger, to homeowners and their families. The good news is that Sustainable Pest Systems can provide Raleigh and Charlotte residents with fast, effective bat exclusion and removal services.

Signs of a Bat Problem

More often than not, there’s no reason to worry about bats flying around outside the house. However, because bats can carry rabies, Raleigh and Charlotte residents should still remain vigilant. Bats are nocturnal animals, so seeing them out hunting during the day may be a sign that something is amiss.

Even healthy bats can become a nuisance after finding their way into attics. Some residents who are unwittingly sharing their homes with bats notice unusual fluttering sounds or squeaking and scratching at night, while others cite unpleasant odors as the first sign of a bat problem. When in doubt, head up to the attic.

Bats produce droppings in the form of guano. It makes a great fertilizer, but when it’s found in an attic, guano spells trouble. Like the bats themselves, bat guano can carry diseases, so the best thing to do is to call the bat control experts at Sustainable Pest right away.

Bat Removal

As soon as a homeowner notices bats in the attic, it’s time to call in professional help. A wildlife removal expert can use traps to catch bats humanely and release them in other areas that will be safe for both the bats and people. If there is a nest in the attic, as is often the case, it can also be removed and relocated.

Bat Exclusion

Once the wildlife removal expert is certain that there are no bats left in the home, it will be time to take exclusionary measures. Keeping bats out is a much more effective strategy than scheduling repeat removals. Bats can fit into surprisingly tight spaces, so homeowners may want to entrust the exclusion process to professionals who know just what to look for.

External signs of a bat problem can include damage to the home’s roof or siding. Even if the holes are small enough to avoid notice, bats could still be using them as entry points, so repair the damage ASAP.

Tips for Restoring the Home

The most important aspect of restoring any damage done by bats is maintaining personal safety. Since both bats and guano can carry diseases, most homeowners opt to have their attics and other affected areas professionally cleaned and sanitized. It’s also very important to repair any damaged areas, especially on the outside of the home, to prevent bats from getting into the attic in the future.

Schedule an Appointment

Already know there are bats in the attic and not sure what to do? Taking care of the problem is a simple matter of visiting and reaching out to Raleigh and Charlotte’s leading wildlife control company. Get in touch online or call (919) 444-8152 to schedule an appointment.

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