MINIEYE cooperates with Huawei to launch iPilot intelligent driving solution

December 23 20:45 2021

On December 21st, MINIEYE, a Chinese intelligent driving solution developer, announced the iPilot intelligent driving solution for L2+/L2++ scene. This solution is developed based on Huawei MDC 610 platform. At present, it has been designated by two automobile projects, one of which is eclectic coupe, which will be SOP in the third quarter of 2022.

Huawei MDC 610 is the leading intelligent driving computing platform in the industry, with a computing power of 200 TOPS. It has the characteristics of high performance, high security, high reliability and high energy efficiency. On this basis, the iPilot solution adopts 7V5R2L sensor combination, that is, 7 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 2 laser radars, of which two 8-megapixel high-definition cameras and 96-line laser radars are used in the forward-looking direction. In terms of application scenarios, the iPilot solution can cover structured roads and urban roads such as expressways and urban expressways, and support various functions of intelligent driving systems such as AEB, ACC, TJA, ICA and HWP.

MINIEYE adheres to the gradual development route, focusing on mass production, and develops different levels of intelligent driving solutions. In the L0-L2 field, MINIEYE expects that the total shipment will exceed 400,000 units in 2021. In the L2+/L2++ field, which is the mainstream demand of intelligent driving in the next three to five years, MINIEYE has achieved four mass production projects, including sedan, coupe and SUV, covering electric and fuel vehicles.

As an important ecological partner, MINIEYE has cooperated with Huawei MDC for many times and gained customer recognition through high-quality development and delivery capabilities. In-depth cooperation and collaborative development between the two sides, relying on the advantages of localization, customization and quick response to jointly explore the market. In the future, MINIEYE will continue to focus on the technological innovation and practice of intelligent driving solutions, and work with more industrial chain partners to promote the intelligent transformation of the global automotive industry.

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