BAY LAUREL is wowing consumers with its range of beautiful ready-to-go Turkish beach towels

December 28 21:15 2021
BAY LAUREL is bringing the summer style with its range of beautiful ready-to-go Turkish beach towels complete with matching travel bag.

BAY LAUREL’s Turkish beach towels with bag are proving popular with consumers not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their many practical features and attention to detail. 

“Our Turkish towels are designed to consider everything a beach goer or lover of the outdoors might appreciate,” explains Matt, a spokesperson for the brand.

“We wanted to create beach towels that are functional, fabulously stylish, and that, most importantly, outperform the average beach towels on the market.” 

Time to catch the summer

“Our oversized 100% authentic Turkish towels are made from superior quality Turkish cotton making them super quick to dry. This super quick dry feature means less germs, bacteria, and that awful damp smell. It also means our beach towels don’t need to be laundered after every use, a positive for your pocket and our planet,” adds Matt.

Another stand-out feature of BAY LAUREL’S quick dry towel is that it is sand free.

“Our quick-drying technology doesn’t just make our Turkish beach towels perfect for damp, humid environments. It makes them super easy to shake out at the end of your beach session to get rid of all that scratchy sand before folding and placing it back in its travel bag.”

BAY LAUREL’S Turkish towels provide the perfect combination of an extra-large drying area while still being lightweight. 

“This is a lightweight Peshtemal style towel which means it is thinner and lighter than regular Terry towels. Plus, we never use cheap regenerated or chemically processed acrylic/polyester mixed cotton, so you know it’s safe and gentle for sensitive skins. All towels are pre-washed to reach maximum softness and give you that fresh premium cotton feeling and guarantee maximum absorbency. And the more you use them, the softer and more absorbent they get.” 

Towels on the go

“As for size, we went big to ensure it is large enough to be used as a picnic or throw blanket for sharing with friends or family. Yet, it’s still compact enough to make a convenient travel towel.”

“Our Turkish beach towel is quick and easy to fold neatly into its matching travel bag, making it super portable and helping to maximize luggage space.”  

BAY LAUREL’S sand free towel and beach bag set is created to be multi-purpose.

“Beyond being used as a beach towel or camping towel, our beautiful Turkish towels are ideal for the gym, spa, as a yoga blanket or even as your preferred bath towel. They also make great gifts for your loved ones,” adds Matt.

“With 42 stunning color and design variations to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find one – or maybe more – of our Turkish beach towels to suit your style. Whatever your chosen activity, wherever you’re headed, you’ll find our ready to go Turkish towel an indispensable addition to your wardrobe,” concludes Matt. 


BAY LAUREL specializes in producing premium quality Peshtemal style Turkish beach towels made from 100% Turkish cotton. Its’ range of beautiful ready-to-go Turkish towels complete with matching travel bag is guaranteed quick dry, sand free, super soft, and highly absorbent. BAY LAUREL’s extra-large Turkish towels are lightweight and compact making them convenient for multiple indoor and outdoor activities.

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