Three more awards for the innovation challenge journey, Agelocer mechanical watch won three 2022 German design awards

December 28 22:21 2021

For a long time, when it comes to international high-end watches, people’s first impression is foreign brands, and Chinese brands are rarely mentioned. A product that can be internationally recognized, its design concept must break through the national boundaries and combines various factors such as art, culture, technology, and sociology. It is a product that can impress consumers with its design. To make Chinese watches on the international stage, it is necessary to open a way out from the design concept and technical quality.

Obviously, Chinese mechanical watches want to open up boundaries and introduce new ones from the old. This is a process of exploration, integration and absorption for Chinese and Western designers. They need to cleverly integrate various design elements to create their own distinctive labels, which can effectively ensure the active and innovative design thinking. Therefore, the design style of Chinese mechanical watches must break through traditional obstacles and be affirmed on the world stage, showing a more avant-garde and refined personality. The deep integration of Chinese and Western design concepts is an inevitable trend.

The Chinese mechanical watch brand AGELOCER is a new generation of Chinese mechanical watch brand which established in 2013. Since its establishment, the brand has insisted on original design and independent research and development of the movement. The brand implements the design concept of “redefining the mechanical watch Always surprised” into every product. In each series of watches, you can see the spiritual expression of its theme and design concept, and you can feel the bold design and exquisite craftsmanship.

They hope that the mechanical watch is not only a tool for telling time, but also an exploration of the world in different mechanical forms. Agelocer is committed to breaking people’s cognition of the inherent technology and form of mechanical watches. They show their distinctive product styles through bold creativity. Each mechanical watch is a gift carefully prepared by Agelocer, which can give the new generation of mechanical watch consumers a surprising wearing experience.

Good design has no boundaries. It can break through the barriers of different cultural backgrounds and reach deep resonance with consumers. The brand’s designer team is composed of Chinese independent designers and excellent foreign design studios, with rich and professional knowledge of watch design.


The integration of Chinese and Western cultures is not about copying and imitating Western design elements at will, but a deep understanding of the essence of Western design, and constantly absorbing the positive elements of Western design, so that the advantages of Western design concepts can be used in Chinese design. In the process of designing and conceiving each mechanical watch, Agelocer designers will incorporate Western design concepts and aesthetic connotations into modern Chinese design forms, and show Agelocer ‘s brand imprint in a unique design style. Agelocer makes good use of the concept of “to cream off the best and filter out the impurities”. The balance art of rationality, beauty and creativity in Chinese and Western design styles is co-coated in the different series of Agelocer products, showing a distinctive aesthetic imprint.


Agelocer mechanical watches have stood out from numerous entries from all over the world in international design competitions such as the 2020 London Design Awards, the 2021 Berlin Design Awards, the 2021 Italian Design Awards, and the 2022 German Design Awards, Having repeatedly won awards in international design competitions, it represents the recognition and affirmation of Agelocer’s design ability and watchmaking technology by the international design community.

The Agelocer Astronomer series is the brand’s most award-winning work. This watch integrates Chinese and Western cultures and makes innovative iterations on traditional complex functions. Moon, common feeling of mankind for a long time. In the Western Middle Ages, the moon phase as a calendar function frequently appeared on church tower bells. In China, the moon is given more emotional meaning. The designer of the Agelocer Moon Phase Watch designed by observing the interaction of the natural world, using the dynamics of the phases of the moon as the symbol of recording time, allowing the timing tool to combine and interact with astronomical phenomena. Through mechanical expression of astronomical phenomena, it presents a vivid and interesting mechanical art timing method.

Agelocer’s moon phase watch breaks the traditional appearance of the small circle half-shielded moon phase in the industry. It is designed with a large 28.5mm window to enlarge the trajectory of the moon and stars to the entire dial. In order to make the relationship between the moon phase and the watch closer, it is necessary to control the size of the moon phase window, change the brake structure and the anti-reverse structure, and control the display error within a reasonable range. The design team repeated adjustments, measurements and modifications from design to prototype, so that the moon phases broke the stereotype and enlarged as much as possible, and finally enlarged the moon phase window to 28.5mm, bringing a new immersive large-screen visual feast. This is the condensation of the brand’s superb watchmaking technology and bold design creativity.


This is China’s first mechanical watch that uses 3D printing technology to make a watch. It uses 3D nano metal printing technology to produce the finely carved moon phases, and the platinum plating process makes the lunar landscape more refined. As the moon phase changes, the movement gear drives the dynamic 3D carved moon to rotate 11.6 degrees every day, performing a reciprocating cycle from profit to loss on the wrist, presenting the time trend with the moon phase, and a new upgrade of modern technology and traditional functions.

As of 2021, Agelocer watches have won 9 international design awards, including the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award and the 2022 German Design Award. Many products have won awards at the same time, and have gratifying achievements in today’s Chinese watch industry. Whether it is the fusion and breakthrough of product design concepts, the inheritance and mastery of a century of mechanical craftsmanship, or the attempt and exploration of future watch design, it is the challenge of AGELOCER to the “innovation boundary”, and it is also the spirit of design. It is expected that they will implement the design concept of “redefining mechanical watches” to the end and create more innovative watches that meet the tastes of the new generation of consumers.

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