Firewall – The New Book by Hannes Sommer

December 29 21:16 2021
Hannes Sommer is a renowned speaker, a reputable entrepreneur, a visionary, and a distinguished author. His latest book Firewall delves deep into the ‘Big Tech’ world, its dangers, and personal empowerment.

Hannes Sommer is an Austrian free-thinker, strategist, pioneer, and the author of the acclaimed book called Firewall. His latest work touches on the negative aspects of social media, television-induced programming, and the raging digital war that is, according to him, “happening in all of us every day, uninterrupted, and this war is merciless.”  

Hannes Sommer on the Nature of “Firewall”

Hannes explains that ‘Firewall’ is the solution to all perceivable and invisible problems, dubbing the title of his book the “mental, organic, and highly sensory as well as insurmountable firewall – for our mind and our spirit.”

In Firewall, the author explains the dangers of digital warfare through the example of data leaks:

”People protect their private data with the latest virus protection and are very worried that someone might gain unauthorized access, but with their most important data by far, their most secret and most important networks, they fail miserably: their brain.”

Firewall explores the digital world, the dangers that lurk within, but it also gives practical input regarding easily implementable solutions. Hannes’s Firewall presents a way to “Clean up & reboot your system in three steps,” describing how any individual can “successfully build a mental firewall for our minds.”

“Every single “mind virus, “if you don’t recognize it and treat it immediately, has the potential to destroy our entire life,“ said Hannes.  He imparts that the first step entails “recognizing the virus,” or in other words, locating the problem before choosing how to address it adequately.

The second step revolves around managing and optimizing the “virus-free operating system, “emphasizing the importance of free-thinking and the ability to control life and all of its aspects. The author states that “in the third and final step, the reader learns to keep his system clean and virus-free. A mental firewall is literally set up, and it is installed and put into operation for your own mind and intellect.“

The study conducted by confirms Hannes’s claims. Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. Firewall expands on these thoughts, emphasizing that ’mind-viruses’ exist outside of social networks and are present in television, radio, and such.

The Nature of Firewall

Firewall is dedicated to individuals who wish to learn how to protect their minds against such negative influences, reprogram their brains, and learn how to lead better, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

Hannes points out that all answers can be found within, emphasizing that external solutions can do more harm than good:

“Don’t look for technological solutions. When it comes to this question, it makes no sense to trust those companies and developers who, through data monitoring, make us easily controllable buyers. If there is a solution, it must awaken within ourselves. I claim it exists, and I call it Firewall.“

More details about the upcoming premiere and planned publication date of Firewall will be announced on Hannes Sommer’s official website shortly.

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