BingX lists new Crypto Assets in December

December 29 22:03 2021
BingX is currently expanding its portfolio and has just added 5 new crypto assets this month.

Singapore – December 29, 2021 – Leading social trading exchange BingX is pleased to announce that it has recently added new crypto assets to its platform. All the newly added crypto platforms show promise and offer potential trading opportunities for the investors and traders.  

The crypto assets were listed on December 26, 2021. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we have just added 5 new crypto assets to our portal this week. While there are some known ones, there are also some new yet fast-rising ones – investors and traders on our platform will have a versatile selection to choose from. We are extremely particular about the assets we add to our portal and we only enlist the ones with a promising market cap that can assure high ROI for our traders and investors”, stated the leading spokesperson from BingX. 

“Investors can find the chart analysis data in the traders community.”

The 5 new crypto assets added by BingX are: 

Floki Inu 

Launched as “People’s Crypto”, Floki Inu is aimed to give power to the common people. The crypto platform is dedicated to several charitable initiatives such as building state-of-the-art schools in underdeveloped nations in every continent. Floki Inu has already started building a school in Ghana and soon will start building schools in Nigeria, Laos, and Guatemala. FLOKI is the native token of Floki Inu. 


Running on Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland can be defined as a visionary software which is driven by the mission to motivate a decentralized network of users globally to build up a shared virtual world. Users here would be able to take part in various activities such as trading of digital real estate, playing games, interacting with others, and so on. Over time, Decentraland has added P2P communication facilities, interactive apps, and in-world transaction systems to enhance user experience. It’s to note, the platform uses not one but two tokens to govern operations- MANA and LAND. While Mana helps with buying of land, virtual goods and services on Decentraland, LAND is an NFT that is used to mark ownership of land portions in digital real estate. 

Shakita Inu 

One of the latest rivals of Shiba inu coin, Shakita Inu represents a meme-based completely decentralized community. The platform transfers 50% tokens to Vitalik Buterin while the remaining 50% is kept secured in a Uniswap pool. As per shakita inu portal, since VB won’t collapse, SHAK (Shakita Inu token) has a prospective future ahead. 


One of the most popular Bitcoin forks, Litecoin was developed to introduce a crypto that would assure faster transfer and transactions than Bitcoin. Litecoin is completely decentralized and based on a global open-source payment network. In other words, Litecoin assures more daily usability yet lesser price than Bitcoin. LTC is the native token of Litecoin. 


A breakthrough VPN network on a cryptocurrency platform, Orchid is founded by some of the most renowned figures in the finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain world. The Orchid token aka OTX is aimed to eliminate the restrictions that are preventing complete internet freedom, enabling untraceable, anonymous data transmission and communication across the world. 

About BingX 

Based in Singapore, BingX is a top-rated crypto social trading exchange that extends derivatives, spot, and copy trading services to 100+ countries across the world. Dubbed as “Trading Made Easy”, the platform aims to ensure convenient trading for all traders through easy access to fast-rising crypto market, seamless connection with expert traders, and simplified, engaging, and transparent trading environment. 

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