From flopped apps to setting up highly successful digital marketing business, Dalip Singh’s journey inspires motivation and hope

December 31 15:40 2021
The story of the rise of Dalip Singh from back to back failed apps to running a major digital marketing firm, is no less than a fairytale.

Taranagar, Rajasthan – December 31, 2021 – Outcomes do not always do justice to the amount of hard work put into a project. Yes, life might not be fair at times – yet one has to move on, seek out opportunities, and keep on trying for a brighter tomorrow. However, not all boast that indomitable spirit to keep hustling on even after a massive downfall. But, Dalip Singh, the dynamic founder of leading digital marketing company Tixi Media, is one of those bravehearts who never allowed his failures to define his life- rather he gathered strength from them only to rise up with more power and motivation. 

A renowned digital creator, digital marketer, and founder of a highly successful digital marketing agency, Singh is also the director of Henexo Technology And Marketing Private Limited. However, life was not all rosy for him as it is now and he had his fair share of struggles. 

A Bachelor in Computer Application, Singh started his career with application development. Unfortunately, he had to suffer 7 back to back business application flops. It was probably one of the worst phases of his life but Singh was determined not to give up. He knew he couldn’t stop and he kept on looking for potential opportunities and he finally found his calling in digital marketing. And since then, there is no looking back.

Speaking on his hard-earned success, Singh said-“Digital content and digital marketing are here to stay. The contemporary ‘digital’ era has opened up a wealth of possibilities and I knew I had to make the most of them.  I was deeply intrigued by the world of digital marketing and when I saw how dramatically it is changing the world and lives, I found my true calling right here. I am glad about where I am and what I am today and I also feel humbled because it makes me realize how much struggle I had to encounter to reach up to this stage.”

Singh’s company offers a comprehensive range of industry-leading digital marketing services, ranging from SEO to content creation to link building to PPC to Social Media Marketing, and more.

While asked about his struggles, Singh said – “The journey was not easy, I had had my share of failures in the past, but I was determined to change things for better. I must take this opportunity to thank my family and close friends here- it’s their constant motivation and confidence in me that helped me to keep the flame alive despite the series of flops in the initial stage of my career. I would also like to mention here that when things are going south, one has to keep patience, keep the chin high, double up the hard work, and move on. There is usually light at the end of the tunnel.

Singh has been in the digital marketing business for 5 years now and is eyeing for a proliferating career in the coming years.

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