ClassicDoge is making it possible for pet parents to bring their real pets to the metaverse

January 17 11:30 2022
ClassicDoge is making it possible for pet owners to bring their real pets to the multi-metaverse, essentially creating ultra-HD 3D NFTs of their pets that can be used across social media, games, training, fashion, education, and VR platforms, merging real-world sentiment with the virtual world.

ClassicDoge is on a mission to build a virtual petaverse where people can train, care, participate in events and adventures with a 3D avatar of their pet, even find the perfect mate to expand their fur family. Community holders have the power to shape the future of the petaverse while earning rewards.

“ClassicDoge gives pet parents the chance to create a digital version of their pets. Our one-of-a-kind DeFi project leverages the limitless power of blockchain to allow animal lovers to interact with and immortalize their pets and even earn rewards by creating 3D NFT avatars of their real-life furry friends,” explains spokesperson for the platform, Kade Cooper. 

Petaverse – where reality meets virtual

“Anything you can imagine doing in the real world with your pet – playing, breeding, walking them, caring for, even clothing your pet – you can do in our virtual world petaverse. You can also learn techniques that you can use to train him or her IRL.”

ClassicDoge gives pet parents the opportunity to mint 3D NFT avatars of their fur babies using its proprietary NFT Generator. And share, sell, swap, or buy NFTs, opening a lucrative revenue stream for pet owners worldwide.

“Wherever you and your pet go, and whatever you do together, you can pay for all pet-related transactions using XDOGE, the official digital currency of our petaverse ecosystem,” adds Kade.

“Pet owners can also participate in a one-of-a-kind Pet DAO that allows you to exercise your voting and governance rights, like proposing new features, deciding which new designer we should integrate into our platform, or weighing in on the latest improvement proposals.”

Reshape the world for pets

“Explore a new virtual reality with your pet and enjoy access to all your pet services under one ‘woof’. Thanks to ClassicDoge, your beloved pet companion can live forever in the metaverse, even in the sad event of their loss,” concludes Kade.


ClassicDoge is a unique decentralized pet metaverse ecosystem and NFT marketplace that leverages the potential of blockchain to enable a virtual world specifically for virtual pets. ClassicDoge allows pet lovers to capture images of their animal companions using the Furever 3D Scan app and bring them into augmented reality and/or the metaverse of their choice. Additionally, pet owners can generate ultra-HD 3D NFTs of their pets that can be used across social media, games, training, fashion, education, and VR platforms. ClassicDoge’s crypto token – XDOGE – is currently available for purchase on Pancakeswap.

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