Alaskan Salmon Fishers Now Ship Direct

January 17 11:33 2022
The Popsie Fish Company, a family-owned business, has been sustainably harvesting wild Alaskan salmon for over thirty years. They now deliver wild-caught sockeye salmon from their set-net site in Bristol Bay, Alaska, direct to your family doorstep anywhere in the United States.

The Popsie Fish Company crew fish for sockeye salmon each summer at their set-net site in Bristol Bay, Alaska, along the Egigik River.

You can now purchase online their premium quality, flash-frozen, sashimi-grade wild salmon, individually packaged and ready to cook. Recipes, cooking tips, and information about sustainable seafood are detailed on their website.

“We created a way for people to easily buy the best quality wild salmon and seafood from Alaska – direct from the fishers themselves,” says Kammi Matson, Marketing Director at the Popsie Fish Company. “These are wild-caught fish from Alaska you can feel great about buying and eating. They check all the boxes: wild-caught, sustainable, delicious, and nutritious.”

Alaska seafood is wild and responsibly managed for continuing abundance. “As eco friendly fishers, we take pride in delivering the freshest andwild Alaskan seafood while adhering to low-impact fishing practices that help preserve the fragile ecosystems and natural wilderness along the shores of Bristol Bay,” says Matson.

Matson says the Popsie Fish Company is dedicated to handling every step of the process “from the fisher to the fork” with the greatest of care.

The Popsie Fish Company ships wild caught seafood that are sustainably harvested in Alaska. Sockeye salmon, pictured here, is sold in 5- and 10-pound boxes as frozen salmon fillets or portions.

Matson says all of the wild caught salmon are immediately placed on ice and then brought to the processor where they are flash-frozen at minus forty degrees.

This process freezes fish so quickly that ice crystals can’t form between the fibers of the flesh, locking in freshness and preserving the texture, the nutrients, and the beautiful color of red salmon.

The wild caught sockeye salmon has been ranked as among the healthiest, most nutrient-dense “superfoods” on earth. Red, or sockeye, salmon provides those all-important long-chain Omega 3’s that are key to the structure of every cell in the body.

The Popsie Fish company specializes in frozen salmon delivery of frozen fillets and portions dry ice with 2-day shipping anywhere in the USA.

Customers consistently give the company five stars and write rave reviews about the quality of wild fish and superb customer service.

“Beautiful color, great taste, fresh every time we take a new one out of the package,” wrote John T. “ We will continue to get our salmon from the Popsie Fish Company.”

Amy D., another pleased customer, said she really enjoyed the convenience of having the salmon delivered to her door. “We love the salmon portions. It makes for a quick after-work meal. And the fish is absolutely high-quality in the texture of the meat,” she wrote. “Once you buy Popsie fish, you won’t go back to grocery store bought!”

Customer Rio H. commended the team for its fast delivery and excellent customer service. “Business manager Erin always follows up with phone calls to make sure customers receive their orders with no problems. The orders are very fresh and delicious. I definitely will continue ordering from you guys. All my guests were impressed with how fresh they were.”

In addition to its world-famous Bristol Bay red salmon, this Alaskan fish company also sends 5- and 10-pound boxes of wild-caught Alaskan halibut, Pacific cod, and sablefish to its customers across the United States. 

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