Who is Itsrug? The Story of a Young Antique Rug Art Dealer and His Rise to Fame

January 17 11:36 2022
Itsrug is the curator of Y & B Bolour Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA, an Instagram content creator, and a successful young entrepreneur who has collaborated with renowned designers across the globe.

Rug is the curator at Y & B Bolour Gallery located in Beverly Hills, one of the most prestigious art galleries in Los Angeles. The gallery specializes in antique carpets, tapestries, and pillows, boasting an eclectic catalog of unique Turkish, Indian, European, Chinese, and Tribal rugs:

“Y & B Bolour is a family business dealing with antique carpets, started by Mr. Rahim Bolour, of blessed memory, in Teheran, in the early 1920s. Through the years, the business grew, and in 1978 moved to London and added European carpets and tapestries to the inventory. In 1988 the family business decided to move to Los Angeles, continuing the family tradition of antique carpets and tapestries.”

Y & B Bolour has published three hardcover designer books. As the author for American Approach Antique Carpets The Y & B Bolour Collection, the brand emerged on top of the Los Angeles designer scene and made antique rugs and pillows more popular than ever, alongside Sam Sedghizadeh’s offer of fashion and vintage clothing in SoCal.

The company prides itself on the most complete collection of antique rug pieces from the 17th and 18th centuries and fragment pieces from as early as the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. The entire catalog of Y & B Bolour includes hundreds of Antique tapestry rugs, antique pillows, Ziegler rugs, Needlepoint models, and numerous other exquisite products.

Rug came from Iran to Los Angeles when he was 17 years old. As a young Los Angeles antique rug repairman, he was eventually recognized and became a highly successful pillows dealer.

Today, Itrsug sells exquisite ‘1 of 1’ art masterpieces to museums, art galleries, mansions, and castles. Itrsug’s keen eyes and exquisite taste for art have helped him gain the attention of some of the most famous designers in Los Angeles, New York, and the United Kingdom. His many contacts and professional relationships have secured him a prime spot in the community of art experts, designers, and celebrities.

Rug’s skills as a curator, his experience with antique rug repairs, and his taste for contemporary art and fashion trends were all invaluable assets to Y & B Bolour, helping the gallery become one of the most visited, most popular venues in the heart of the Los Angeles Designers District.

The story is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, freelancers, laborers, and people who wish to succeed in life, bringing a message that hard work, big dreams, and diligence bring an array of rewards by a long shot. Rug currently spends his time enjoying the VIP nightlife of Los Angeles, attending private events, and extending his list of contacts and professional relationships.

Rug collects, repairs, catalogs, and sells some of the world’s most prestigious antique rugs while catering to Y & B Bolour’s gallery collection in parallel. This Vintage clothes specialist is committed to preserving these gorgeous bits of history and presenting them to art collectors, collectors, and enthusiasts.

More information is available through Sam Sedghizadeh and on the official Instagram page.

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