A Puzzling Site: Puzzle Libraries are Popping Up Around the Nation

January 24 23:51 2022

January 24, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA – One couple is on a mission to put a puzzle library in every state in America. Puzzled about what a puzzle library is? They are similar to the Little Free Libraries that are dedicated to books. However, the ones that Jessica and Luke Cheney make are just for jigsaw puzzles. The couple encourages neighbors who walk by to take a puzzle or leave a puzzle, for free.

Jessica and Luke began puzzling a few years ago as a way to spend time together while doing something more rewarding than watching TV. “We bought a few puzzles the first year we dated,” said Luke Cheney, 36. “It was a conversation starter.” Later when Jessica Cheney’s job as an event planner got too stressful, she found puzzles were are great way to unwind at the end of the day. “I was a little stressed and overwhelmed by the workload. It was hard for me to connect and be present,” the 32-year-old recalled of her intro into puzzle therapy. “It’s a way for me to escape work.”

Solving jigsaw puzzles soon became an obsession. Jessica Cheney worked on a puzzle nearly everyday. Luke Cheney said his wife burned through 500-piece boxes and the completed puzzles began piling up in the closet. He would donate them to Goodwill in batches but soon began thinking there had to be a better solution. Having walked past a Little Free Library frequently in their neighborhood, Luke had a eureka moment. Why not make one for puzzles?!

On January 26 2020, the couple opened the doors to their first puzzle library named The Puzzle Palace. It was placed in front of the home of Jessica’s parents, Karen and Rod Longpre. “They can’t walk by it without opening it,” Karen Longpre said of the kids and adults who pass by the structure. “The first couple of nights we kept replenishing and replenishing it.” Inside the library is a notebook for puzzlers to leave feedback. According to the pages The Puzzle Palace is a perfect fit for the neighbors. One entry reads. “We’re excited to build the puzzle we’ve borrowed and to bring one back to share — thank you for such a lovely addition to the community!”

Since then, the Cheneys have built two more puzzle libraries in California and have inspired others to do the same across the country. They call their growing movement The Puzzle Republic. There are over 50 puzzle library locations in America with a handful in Canada and Australia. The map of library addresses can be found at www.thepuzzlerepublic.com

Currently in Jessica and Luke Cheney’s living room there is a bare puzzle library waiting to be painted. “The end goal for us is to have one in every state and then hopefully it catches on globally.” says Luke Cheney.  The couple has also included on their site, a step-by-step guide to encourage others to start their own puzzle library.

About The Puzzle Republic

The Puzzle Republic is a network of puzzle libraries that are free to anyone. It was launched on January 26, 2020 in LaCrescenta, CA by Jessica and Luke Cheney. The online network allow visitors to find a puzzle library near them. Jessica and Luke encourage anyone to pick up a puzzle and see the positive impact it has on the mind & soul.

For more information on The Puzzle Republic, please visit www.thepuzzlerepublic.com

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